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5-Year-Old Girl Marries Her Best Friend Before her open heart surgery

5-Year-Old Girl Wants To Marry Best Friend Before Her 4th Open Heart Surgery, So Parents Organize The Sweetest Photoshoot

At first glance, 5-year-old Sophia is the same as every other kid – a bright, bubbly girl with a huge smile on her face. But not everyone knows that this little girl is a true warrior. Sophia Chiappalone from Connecticut, USA was born with a genetic heart defect and wasn’t expected to live past 2 years old. But Sophia defied all odds.

Since she was a baby, Sophia had been in and out of the hospital. Now she’s getting ready to go under the knife again for her fourth open-heart surgery. But before that, the girl wanted one of her dreams to come true.

Sophia wanted to have a dream wedding and “marry” her best friend, Hunter. Kristy, Sophia’s mother, got the permission of Hunter’s family and staged a “wedding photoshoot” for the two kids.

The kids dressed up for the occasion and had so much fun posing for pictures and simply playing around. And now Sophia is ready for another fight.

Five-year-old Sophia Chiappalone has been in and out of hospital for most of her short life.
She was born with a genetic heart defect and wasn’t expected to live past the age of two
Before going for her fourth open heart surgery, Sophia had a special wish
She wanted to have a dream wedding and “marry” her best friend, Hunter

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“That’s all she wanted in the world, was to marry the love of her life,” said her mom, Kristy

“She was born with half of a heart — the whole right side of her heart was missing”

“She’s a walking miracle”

“There is no life expectancy at this time because there’s no reason for her to be alive”

Kirsty got in touch with photographer Marisa Balletti-Lavoie, who was only too happy to help

“I was so honored and excited to be the one to document the big day!!” wrote Marisa on Instagram

She snapped Sophia and Hunter’s adorable wedding photos in a local park

“I teared up watching her get all dressed up,” said Kristy

“I was terrified…that this may be the only time I see my baby in a wedding dress”

“It was pure innocence in the purest form. My heart aches with joy with the people standing behind Supergirl on this fight”
“She’s fought to be alive since her first breath, but that’s all she knows”
“Most people wait a lifetime for someone who wouldn’t stand by them through such illness”
“She met a best friend and love of her life at 3 who does”

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