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2 Thoughts to “A Proposed Road Map For SCACUF”

  1. Baldena Yaheda

    Brother, you may be right to feel that way but many of us are very supportive for you to be one of us, to remain our Cameroonian brother. Some us Francophones who have been brain washed or beneficiaries of the hyper centralized system may not comprehend your movement. The same way an Anglophone John Fru Ndi brought multiparty to our country, the same way your current struggle will bring liberation for all of us, for all Cameroonians. Sorry for the pain. It’s part of the struggle.

  2. Guiass Imparfait

    The roadmap? not even a strategic plan! After people have died already?
    We are supposed to be activating plan B instead. What kind of leadership it this?

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