Akoson Pauline Diale comments

My Comment on the Interim President, Sisiku AYUKTABE’s State of the Struggle Address of Sunday July 30, 2017 to Southern Cameroonians:

“…For my first time, I watched the complete address of an African Head of State. His policy cum ‘the way forward address’ held me spell bound the entire time. I saw a calm, focused, fresh, empathetic, inspiring, fearless, aware, balanced and very smart dude. His strong leadership quality, genuine interest in unity, the ability to synchronise the different strategies of SCACUF’s constituent groups, spiced by his insatiable quest for self-determination constitute an unbeatable combination for success. I should also add that his finesse in diplomacy would produce an irresistible fragrance capable of charming world leaders to the table. All the way to Buea. See y’all at Buea. ‘I don go me. Man lep e lep’…” Akoson 

By Akoson Pauline Diale

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