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Ambazonians Remember!


– Ambazonians remember that they trusted the IG with their hard earned money on the project “SCBC”.
– Ambazonians remember that the “SCBC” has on many occasions been referred to as the state-owned TV belonging to the people, under the auspices and protection of the care-taker(IG).
– Ambazonians remember that the Republic of Cameroon did everything to shut down SCBC but failed.

We are building an Ambazonia in which people who have been given posts of responsibilities will account for both their actions and inactions. The Ambazonia we are building will be different from the Republic of Cameroon in that, the people’s properties, investments and state-owned chattels will be protected.

What did the IG do to protect the SCBC when some unscrupulous individuals made the first attempt to hijack it?

Definitely, the IG under AIP Dr Sako will account for its inaction to at least put up a resistance to protect the much-loved SCBC, the people of Ambazonia invested their time, money and human resources in establishing.

We all know the IG, at this point in time, cannot register any corporation in its name, therefore, trusted individuals are committed to handling such responsibilities. The ABC, just like the SCBC, is registered under the name of a trusted individual. If the IG couldn’t protect the interest of the Ambazonia people in SCBC, what guarantees they will put up a fight or resistance when the individual in whose name the ABC was registered starts to act funny?

There’s absolutely no guarantee the trustee of ABC wouldn’t act funny tomorrow! when they do, is the IG going to abandon the project and go back to the drawing board just like they did with the SCBC?

Ambazonians are not gullible! Ambazonians are not drift-woods in the sea to be toasted; north, south, east and west by any wave in the ocean.

The IG cannot give up a project to start another one serving the same purpose because they think Ambazonians have money to throw around.

We have to examine where we kicked our legs, rather than where we fell! Any issue about television today is deeply rooted in the IG’s inaction to protect the people’s state-owned TV “SCBC”, and in as much as there remains a remnant of level headed Ambazonians, the SCBC remains the property of the people of Ambazonians until such a time when all the funds invested by the people into SCBC is refunded into the IG’s coffers. Until then, Ambazonians remember that the IG gave away their property to individuals by abandoning the TV and starting a new one, thereby wasting their hard earned money and resources in the process.

Davis E Tabot.

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