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Antifa and their first cousins, Hitler’s Nazis, are actually very similar

This time it was Boston that became the stage for the Antifa crowd to take on the people they called ‘neo-Nazis’. Weirdly, the latter were holding a ‘Free Speech’ rally on the Boston Common, and even had a permit from authorities to do it, but the Antifa lot would hear nothing of it, surrounded the Common in their thousands, obviously hoping for another Charlottesville-like clash.


Didn’t happen though. The cops, having learned the lesson of Charlottesville, were ready this time round and didn’t let the two sides to engage in hand-to-hand combat.


Yes, ladies and gents, there came a point in history when classic fascist mutated into modern antifascists, in American case into Antifa, but many similarities between the two remain. Both are extreme left-wing, both bent on violence, both are intolerant to opposing views, both think they are always right, both claim to be righteous and stand for freedom and justice.


Both the old National Socialists and the Antifa lot consider Darwin’s evolution to be sacred and claim that natural selection created them from the animal kingdom. In Hitler’s time people, who openly doubted evolution, were considered enemies of the people. Antifa lot also hate those who don’t accept evolution and consider them to be lunatics and, yes, you’ve guessed it, enemies of the people.


The only major difference between the two movements is that the new lot are hornier and kinkier than the old traditional National Socialists and are more driven by their sexual urges, considering promiscuity to be a basic human right. The old lot did not dare to go that far. But as for most other things, they are a mirror image of each other.


Modern antifascists will never accept that they are related to the very people they purport to hate. That is a no-no, the big taboo, something they don’t want to talk about. They even try to explain that they are different because Hitler’s lot were anti-Semites, ignoring the simple fact that they, Antifa that is, are anti-Semites as well, as they ridicule and mock the Old Testament, the sacred history of the Jewish people, and as such are classic anti-Semites. In mankind’s history anti-Semitism always started with attacks on the Old Testament – and then the mockery turned to hatred and it got physical.


As for the current stand-off between Antifa and the neo-Nazis, the f act is that the new modern National Socialists are a pale imitation of the old German Nazis and resemble football fanatics who don’t really support any club, but like the violent element in the whole thing and the shouting and the screaming and the comoradery. The neo-Nazis are seriously confused on most issues and deep in their hearts admire the Antifa lot for their readiness to resort to violence and their ability to hide behind fancy sounding slogans, like freedom and equality, while behaving in exact opposite to these fine concepts.


In this respect, the Antifa lot are much better organised, much more tribal and vocal and, most importantly, have the backing of the liberal left politicians and the mainstream media that caters mostly to the modern neo-liberal agenda. This agenda is strikingly similar to the narrative of Lenin’s Bolsheviks who, incidentally, inspired Hitler’s National Socialists to use indiscriminate terror against their opponents, create a network of slave labour camps and wipe out many reminders of the past history by destroying monuments.


And that last particular point unites the Bolsheviks and Hitler’s National Socialists with the Antifa crowd, because the former two actually claimed that all those generals, kings and aristocrats set in marble sand bronze were enemies of the people and should be confined to the dustbin of history. Exactly what the Antifa lot are saying and doing now in America.


So there you have it: all these lefties of slightly different shades share so much in common that it’s difficult to distinguish who is who. One thing is clear though: all of them were and are on the wrong side of history and have and will end up in a bad way. Well and truly f..ked, as serious historians like to say.


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