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The Real Dictators And Enablers Of Ambazonia ‘s Struggle To Freedom

This website was created to be the eye and information vault of the Revolution. Files, documents and videos get buried on social media like Facebook. Thus, we get to save very important documents and videos on this website for future references. As an example, the most important document of the revolution(Resolutions of the fourth Scaccuf Conclave) will be made available in this write-up. Thereby, bringing to light the genesis of the infighting within the IG. Before Sisiku and his cabinet members were arrested, we witnessed little or no in house fighting within…

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General Nambere News 

Dr. Sako Reduces General Nambere To A Clown

Ever since the emergence of Dr. Sako at the helm of the Ambazonian revolution, it has been a game of one propaganda to another. Moreso, sabotaging real fighters has been his modus operandi. Worst still is the reduction of able ground zero fighters to clowns. The height of the manipulation was when they used General Nambere with a meagre promise of making him the major General of Ambazonia federal Marshall. Nambere, on his part made a video and rubbished the efforts of H.E Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. We also saw him…

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Dr Sako Ikome News 

How Dr Sako is Destroying Southern Cameroons Struggle For Independence

Southern Cameroonians are one of the best people in Africa: they are peaceful, loving and kind. Irrespective of the hardship and discrimination they’ve endured for over a century, the goodness in them remains untainted. Sometimes, I’m left to wonder if they are one of the missing tribes of Israel. Why would the world conspire against a particular set of people? Firstly, Ambazonians went through decades of marginalisation in Nigeria, enduring what has been dubbed today by historians as ‘Igbophobia’. Secondly, they were drifted away by the second wave of inhumane…

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Ambazonians Remember!

  – Ambazonians remember that they trusted the IG with their hard earned money on the project “SCBC”. – Ambazonians remember that the “SCBC” has on many occasions been referred to as the state-owned TV belonging to the people, under the auspices and protection of the care-taker(IG). – Ambazonians remember that the Republic of Cameroon did everything to shut down SCBC but failed. We are building an Ambazonia in which people who have been given posts of responsibilities will account for both their actions and inactions. The Ambazonia we are…

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Yaounde: Sisiku Ayuk Tabe showing no signs of surrender

A well-placed source in Yaoundé has hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that the Interim President of the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia who was abducted alongside members of his government in Nigeria and forcefully extradited to French Cameroun, Sisisku Ayuk Tabe has no intention of giving up his struggle for the independence of Southern Cameroons. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is currently being held in a presidential bunker in Yaoundé and has been refused contacts with legal representation hired by the Interim Government. Our source indicated that the Ambazonian chief executive has been…

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Cameroon: Govt Deploys More Troops to Fight Armed Separatists

By Moki Edwin Kindzeka Cameroon has deployed more troops to it’s English speaking regions after another wave of attacks on public buildings and the kidnapping of military and government officials by suspected armed separatists. Moki Edwin Kindzeka reports from Yaounde. A Cameroon military band plays as hundreds of their colleagues are deployed to the troubled English speaking regions of the central African state. Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo says they should be very professional in executing their duties. He says although many soldiers have been killed, the military remains determined to fight…

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