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Bamenda Attacks: Ambazonia Defense Council Issues Statement

Re: The ADF Attacks and Destroys LRC Spy Observation Post in Bamenda

At about 4:00am Amba time, the ADC chairman, briefed the Commander-in-Chief of the Ambazonia Governing Council Comrade Cho Ayaba, of a covert operations to take out a spy outpost of the occupying forces in Bamenda in the Northern region of Ambazonia. The special forces of the Ambazonia Defense Forces the (ADF), heeded the call and responded by planting Improvised Explosive Devices also known as (IEDs) at an outpost spying location harboring occupying forces of LRC. At least 2-4 confirmed LRC military casualties were registered at the scene, and a few more seriously wounded and taken away to hospitals. This location is a watch point where the occupation forces uses to monitor our people from around the Bamenda hospital.

ADF search and destroy special forces team will continue to seek, and to eliminate all of such spy and military intelligence locations of the occupier throughout the territory so as to guarantee the security of our people and the territorial integrity of our land Ambazonia in the Southern Cameroons

As our brave ADF soldier continue to show resoluteness, and pushing forth in making the territory ungovernable for the occupying forces, the ADC is calling on all Ambazonians to rise-up now and support the ADF in finishing the job in self-defending our land against the occupiers.

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Sealed this Thursday, The 21st Day of September, 2017.

Lt. Col. Febsar

Head of Communications (ADC)

Ambazonia Defense Council

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