Breaking News … Agbor Balla Meets Harriett Baldwin

Meeting at Mountain Hotel Buea, with The United Kingdom’s Minister of State for Africa, Harriett Baldwin and H.E Rowan Laxton, British High Commissioner to Cameroon.

We discussed a broad range of issues, including the growing refugee crisis, internally displaced due to the current crisis, conditions of detainees with some facing trial in military courts and some detained without charges or trial, continuous arrests ongoing in North West and South West Regions, burning of houses and villages reportedly done by the military, killings going on in both regions and the conditions of the terrorised civilian population caught in the middle of war.

Raising concerns on the extradition of Ayuk Tabe Julius and 46 others arrested in Nigeria. Currently detained incommunicado, with no access to family and lawyers.

In the presence of civil society representatives and clergy, we mutually agreed that, finding solutions to the human rights and security situation remains a priority.

However, to find a long lasting solution to the crisis, The United Kingdom and other international partners must push for dialogue with representatives of the people.

—Agbor Nkongho

CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa.

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