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Breaking News: FEVER in Canada : Southern Cameroonians Storm the Embassy, Pull Down La Republique’s Flag, Burn it and Hoist the Ambazonian flag.

Remember that the meeting of Biya’s emissaries to the La Republique embassy at Ottawa, Canada was scheduled to take place today Thursday August 10, 2017 at 2:00 PM local time. Nine separate groups of Southern Cameroonians from all over Canada are currently converging at the embassy premises. Reports say by 2:15 PM local time, only one group 25 persons had arrived but the remainder 8 of about 30 persons each were on their way on hired buses. Upon arrival of the first group, the ambassador fled from the back door. A La Republique official at the embassy approached the crowd and told them that the meeting had been cancelled and that the ministerial delegation didn’t visit as planned. Angry, the ‘Ambazzozo’ boys and girls arrested the occupants of the embassy.

About thirty minutes later, the ambassador resurfaces. He begs that if they want him to talk, they should replace the flag. A courageous Southern Cameroonian rebuked him that they can never bring down their flag. Getting furious, Mr. Ambassador ordered everyone out of embassy space but the crowd rain insults and boos at him before the watch of the police that had been called.

Meanwhile, by the time of publication of this post, two other groups arrived. The crowd is currently building. No one knows what happens next.

My Comment: This is the #blockbyblock spirit of Ayaba Cho Lucas. We are at war. This is not time for niceties. You don’t sing a song to a mad man who approaches you with a stick in the name of being nice. ‘Even the kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and violence taketh it by force’.

These actions taking place at La Republique embassies ridicules their country in the face of the international community. They are becoming a laughing stock. They must leave our land or suffer countless more embarrassments. La Republique is COMPLETELY FINISHED.

Now, UK must not give up. The Southern Cameroonians there plan to ridicule La Republique in ways they will never forget. Keep the flames burning. We at the home front salute your support and we make bold to state that we will never give up.




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