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Cameroon Minister Of Communication Says The Military Acted Professionally On 1st October

Cameroon Minister of communication Issa Tchiroma has maintained his stands that the Cameroon military acted professionally on 1st October 2017 in the North West and South West Regions and has warned media organs, communities, Organization and human rights groups not to broadcast/publish information indicating that the military carried out genocide in Anglophone Cameroon.

He was speaking in a press conference he granted in Yaounde few days ago.

According to Minister Issa Tchiroma any information indicating that there was a genocide committed in Anglophone Cameroon is false and unfounded aimed at tarnishing the image of Cameroon which the Minister of Communication has always say “respects human rights and freedom”

During the press conference Minister Issa Tchiroma reiterated that the government is fighting against terrorist in Anglophone Cameroon. To the Communication Minister those who are advocating for secession are all consider terrorist and will face the heavy hand of the law.

But few days to the press conference, on 04th October 2017 the Anglophone Bishops published their letter criticizing the government on the use of force, torture, capture, killings, and harassment of unarm protesters who were exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully in a course that the church leaders highlighted that it is legitimate.

Anglophone Bishops in their latter talked about the respect of human rights and freedom which they belief was violated by the forces of law and order on October 1st 2017 and called on their Christians to used 14th October as a day of mourning for those whom they belief were killed on 1st October 2017

In response to the Anglophone Bishops letter Minister Issa Tchiroma lambasted Anglophone Bishops for taking side in the crisis and stated that the facts presented by the Bishops were misleading and did not reflect the reality on the ground while maintaining that the military acted professionally and were attacked by secessionist on 1st October 2017.

Issa Tchiroma highlighted that the letter of the Anglophone Bishops shows that, they are objective allies to secessionist whose ideal is to destabilize Cameroon and it national unity which is not negotiable.

But on the 10 October 2017 the Moderator of the Presbyterian church of Cameroon Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba published his own letter which he equally criticized the Government heavy use of force to unarm protesters on 1st October 2017 which resulted to killings, capture, torture, invasion of homes, vandalism, harassment of unarm protesters and the destruction of private properties by some individuals.

In the moderator letters he called on ghost town organizers to stop and for them to allow children to go back to school for education is a fundamental human rights that must be respected

Still within the letter the moderator highlighted that “The government of the Republic of Cameroon should assume full responsibility for the unequal and excessive use of military force on civilians no matter their crime. By killing its own citizens, the government of the Republic of Cameroon has not only rendered human life useless, but has desecrated God in whose image the brutally killed were created” Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba writes

While declaring October 22 as a day of mourning in all the churches of PCC

The latter of the moderator comes few days after Minister Issa Tchiroma called the Anglophone Bishops objective allies to secessionist and warned against such actions to put into question national unity and integration.

Minister Issa Tchiroma has always maintained his position that the government will use all measures.

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