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Corruption, Embezzlement among other things, Southern Cameroonians want out!

AGC and Other Armed Wings Of Ambazonia Struggle to Launch A Military Recruitment Embezzlement and corruption are among the reasons why Southern Cameroonians want out of the evil union with the Republic of Cameroon to build their own country called Ambazonia. Corruption has become a normal thing in Cameroon so much so that if you are not able to shake hands under the table, you will be denied every opportunity, your outstanding qualification and CV notwithstanding. The corrupt government officials get embezzlement the country’s funds with impunity, only those who…

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Meet Cameroonians From News Southern Cameroons 


Dear Good People Of Southern Cameroons, we salute and hail you for the efforts put so far in the struggle for the liberation of our Home-Land-Southern Cameroons. Your collective resolutions, determinations, advice, critiques and proposals have pushed the leaders of various groups like; AGC, consortium, Morisc, SYCL etc., to form a united front under the auspices of “SCACUF”. We have craved and begged for such a unity, and finally, they hearkened to our collective voices and served it hot in a platter of gold.  With such a Victory, we can…

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Dr Agbor Balla Highly Spirited Even In Jail

We Salute you great comrade; Dr Agbor Balla Felix for your tremendous contribution on and off stage southern Cameroons’ struggle for liberation–we know, even the constraints of Jail can not refrain your ever high and Optimistic spirit–.. The struggle lives on and we shall win and defeat the common enemy, your freedom and that of other comrades in incarceration is sure. #Free Southern Cameroons, #Agbor Balla, Free Dr. Fotem, Mancho Bixiy and every other Southern Cameroonian in Jail. Come rain come shine, we must achieve our goals and freedom for…

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The People of Cameroon must be free!

At a time when the lenses of the world are zoomed in on us, at a time when the paparazzi cameras are focused on us, at a time when even the cacophonies of the birds and crickets can’t silent us, at a time when we most needed a tough representation at the face of the world, he chickens out. Where the hell is JOSHUA OSIH? Sitting as the 1st National Vice President of the Social Democratic Front, Joshua Osih has been noted in the past for being notorious in attacking…

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We the people, took to the streets at the final quarter of 2016 to march the roads against marginalization, favoritism and to welcome ABSOLUTE DEMOCRACY. We the people fought hard against OPPRESSION from a government who does not have us in heart. The gods of the social media stood with us, they listened to our sickened voices and gave us the strength we needed to roar like the INDOMITABLE LIONS we represent. The social media showed the world how firm we stood even against BULLETS from our brothers’ guns… We…

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Tapang Ivo Taanku From 

10 Reasons Why Tapang Ivo needs to apologize to the good people of Southern Cameroons:

Dear Mr. Tapang Ivo Tanku,     I write to you with a heavy heart! Your excellency Sir, I crave your indulgence to read till the end. This is not a beef or dissing letter, but a calling to order letter. They say, “Open Rebuke is better than secret love”.  You stand for advocacy, calling of Authority and power to order,  and public accountability; for these so far, us, Southern Cameroonians applaud you and see you as a worthy son of the soil. and ppermit me this day Sir, as a remnant…

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