DEMOCRACY: FOREFRONT OF AFRICA’S PREDICAMENTS IT’S TIME FOR AFRICANS TO REVISIT THE ANCESTRAL SCROLLS! Democracy, the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A catchy phrase it is, don’t you agree? Well at the moment, it is the same unmasked demon putting Africa and Africans at the table’s edge and ready to let go. While many would see democracy as the gateway to capping corruption, handing off most desired freedom to the people, putting various spiced dishes on the table and asking your children to make…

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Ambazonia must be free From News Southern Cameroons Uncategorized 

Corruption, Embezzlement among other things, Southern Cameroonians want out!

AGC and Other Armed Wings Of Ambazonia Struggle to Launch A Military Recruitment Embezzlement and corruption are among the reasons why Southern Cameroonians want out of the evil union with the Republic of Cameroon to build their own country called Ambazonia. Corruption has become a normal thing in Cameroon so much so that if you are not able to shake hands under the table, you will be denied every opportunity, your outstanding qualification and CV notwithstanding. The corrupt government officials get embezzlement the country’s funds with impunity, only those who…

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SCACUF the Southern Cameroons United Front News Southern Cameroons Uncategorized 

SCACUF Is a moving train without brakes; By Chris Bongam

DID YOU KNOW THAT??? SCACUF is a moving train without brakes?. I call on all Sound minded Southern Cameroonians to remain self oriented, proactive and deligent. Support SCACUF’S initiative and AGC + SCYL BLOCK BY BLOCK and NEIGHBORHOOD by NEIGHBORHOOD SELF DEFENSE INITIATIVE. Listen to Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas of the AGC in a short inspirational address to Southern Cameroonians from South Africa. Share as you watch please. Aluta Continua

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SCACUF doesn’t just say, they do. Check out SCACUF’S secretariat composition. ●Gender mainstreaming considered, ●Regional balance highly considered. Let US be an exemplary democracy. Those who have been sitting ok n the fence should do the obvious… The train has left the station. The greatest victory we have registered so far in this winning struggle is the uniting that has been founded by SCACUF amongst all the fronts that stand to represent the interest of southern Cameroons home and abroad. Prominent leaders like Justice Ayah Paul Attempted Through the English…

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