Dr. Ayaba Cho, The Danger Waiting in the Dark (By Amba Justice)

As Ambazonians we must put our heads together, and in doing so we must act intelligently. I was taught that not all men have a conscience so we cannot trust every man’s intentions. A clear example was seen recently with John Mbah Akuro. While guys are suffering in the home-front and in refugee camps in Nigeria and beyond, he spends his life scheming and plotting evil takeovers. Remember that he works with Cho Ayaba, Akwanga and Boh Herbert in this plot (Maybe Tassang). The name of Tassang has been mentioned too, but don’t know about him yet.

Also remember their upcoming conference on the 12th of January in the US (watch Chris Anu, Secretary of Communication’s video) with plans to form their own government? That will fail, and nothing will happen.

But as a people in a struggle, and my dear brothers and sisters, and parents and children, you all have to be wise. Supporting a course does not require you to be foolish or blind. If someone is a threat, we should not be afraid to say it and fight off that individual or individuals before it is too late. We all know the expression that “A stitch in time saves nine”. The simple question is: If someone gives you POISON, will you drink it because he/she is your brother or sister? That is part of the wisdom and logic we must exercise.

So today, as a forum fighting for Justice for Ambazonia, including among us, I stand to point out the deception of Ayaba Cho and his insults to real fighting Manyu guys who know their forest better. Taking credit for something you did not do, do not know how to do, and is not your field of operation and expertise is baffling. If Ayaba Cho had people, or could even organise people; he would have gone to Northern region bothering Nigeria to open a second front which will reduce pressure on Manyu. That is what all my learned friends have been asking for many months. Where is the military logic? It did not need a rocket scientist to explain to anyone with the slightest common sense that if you attack your enemy from different directions, they will be disorganised, would not be able to concentrate all forces towards Manyu county, and more so, you would be able to defeat a stretched-out army and frustrate them faster. The truth about this is that Ayaba Cho could not organise people with true intentions. The word INTENTION is very important in this logic and argument.

Realising his intentions are more for SHOW, STUNTS and DECEPTION, in order to PRETENTIOUSLY justify all the thousands of dollars and pounds he has collected through Gofundme, What he did in Manyu was to go to some small ALREADY existing group of fighters or vigilantes who know their forests well; were already established; had their own name and vision to defend their people and revenge the incessant killings in their villages, and deceived them to join ADF. This is very important.

Asking groups to join ADF, therefore uniting to fight the enemy is not bad by itself; it was the INTENTION that is questionable. Remember all of us wanted all groups to come under the IG, but he Ayaba stood in the way of the IG, asked them to join but him (especially when he had no fighters of his own), so that he can pretend to justify successes achieved and all the money he has raised. By doing so, he was, in essence, acting exactly like the French colonial master, deceiving less educated Manyu fighters, promising what he can never deliver; may have never gone into one of those forests himself, was always in a suit, could not even provide quality military equipment to just the 10 guys he used in the staged stunt in Dadi (remember them wearing Dschang shoes), when even simple boots would have been better? In essence, in Manyu country he has just been trying to create a MILITARY SYNDICATE…a group of organizations combined to promote a common interest, but in this case, he wanted them to be under his umbrella ADF because he is more known and understands Public relations better than them.

Of course some may have accepted initially. Nothing wrong with that, except that he has no soldiers of his own, and worst he wants them to unite for him, not for the IG and not for the wish and vision of Ambazonians. It is the manifestations of WARLORD tendencies that is frightening and must be STOPPED. The intention was to take credit on other peoples’ sweat. Hence he goes to a zone with already existing groups, especially with the most effective and the largest being THE TIGERS OF AMBAZONIA, instead of going to build a battalion in the Northern West region to defend and protect the North West (He is the one who says he can, so not judging his abilities). Even then, we only see evidence of Ayabo in suits acting like a WARLORD, what this writer detests with venom in Africa. The same kind of Charles Taylor-like images of a warlord alighting from a jeep with Dschang shoes wearing purported soldiers saluting “THE LORD”. Because many of us were desperate, we were ready not to criticise anything, but that was the image I would never ever, and ever and ever want it to be associated anywhere close to Ambazonia. We cannot hate dictatorship, warlords in Africa, uncontrolled power and exploitation, and then we are served with that even before we gain independence and we accept that as right or normal?

Maybe you all have a different dream for Ambazonia, but my dream is to see very humble leaders, people who sit on the floor and eat Achu with villagers in Bafut, leaders who fold up their shirts and help dig a road to Lebialem or Oshie, or leaders who ride bicycles with the Kembong people to discover their village or town. I screamed seeing this individual playing the same film I have seen on TV over and over across Africa that has tormented the Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, or even the Congolese for many years…leaders turning into Warlords and then eventually creating their own headquarters with bodyguards and plenty of gatemen.


If anything, that was the worst Public Relations stunts I have seen for a long time. If only he stood on foot, in a military camouflage (without the suit), side by side those Dschang shoes soldiers (not playing their master), or even had brought then boots from all the money he had collected (it did not have to be even military styled boots, but just to give the impression that HE UNDERSTANDS THE MANYU TERRAIN…Halloooooo FOREST???? And fighters need anti-forest shoes????

But there was a reason for this. It was the INTENTION…a “publicity stunt”, that many who now knows are tight lip about for the sake of peace which I understand. However, my duty is “Justice” and our goal is to stop evil before it develops in Ambazonia.

Dr. Ayaba Cho is an intelligent man who does not use his intelligence for the good of the nation, but for his selfish and evil ambitions and self-glorification. That is the very serious danger we face. This guy is so heartless that while he is contributing almost nothing, has collected so much money through funding, he runs to the US, and together with Akwanga who is also a one-man SOCADEF (army), John Mbah Akuro (the cunning Judas Iscariot) and Boh Herbert (The “all righteous’ power-hungry manipulator), plan actions against the interim Gov’t as evident in the upcoming January 12th conference and the failed attempted psychological indoctrination that John Mbah Akuro launched recently.

John Mbah’s comments for those who do not understand were very calculative. It was a plan to begin the journey towards the January 12th conference by starting to sow seeds of doubts about IP Sisiku Ayuk Tabe so that if they come up with a new Gov’t in the January 12th conference, Ambazonians would not object. The thinking was that in starting such rumours, Ambazonians will feed into it and be the ones to support their evil intentions. It was a very clever scheme that backfired. Instead of backing the fighters and Manyu people dying Ayaba Cho is part of that plan…politicking with all the money he has collected in the name of Self-Defence.

We as Ambazonians have a duty to let these people know that we are not objects or people’s property. No one can treat us as if we can just be moved and transferred from one leader or groups of leaders as if we have no say. If you can stand tall against La Republique and die in the process, then a small group trying to deceive us, play politics with the future of Ambazonia, and collect peoples’ money through deception must be STOPPED NOW.


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