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How Dr Sako is Destroying Southern Cameroons Struggle For Independence

Southern Cameroonians are one of the best people in Africa: they are peaceful, loving and kind. Irrespective of the hardship and discrimination they’ve endured for over a century, the goodness in them remains untainted. Sometimes, I’m left to wonder if they are one of the missing tribes of Israel.

Why would the world conspire against a particular set of people? Firstly, Ambazonians went through decades of marginalisation in Nigeria, enduring what has been dubbed today by historians as ‘Igbophobia’. Secondly, they were drifted away by the second wave of inhumane treatment known today as ‘Francophonobia’

The world couldn’t have succeeded to conspire, hamper and enslave Southern Cameroonians without help from their gullibility and propensity to be easily manipulated.

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It’s a historical fact that Southern Cameroonians do not appreciate straight forward people. This has been proven times uncountably and most evidently, in the scenario between John Ngu Foncha and E. M. L. Endeley.

Endeley was a man of insight. Everything Southern Cameroonians are fighting against today, he had forewarned them by writing a pamphlet from which I extracted the following excerpt:

If you vote for Cameroun Republic, you will invite a new system under which everyone lives in fear of the police and army. You will not be free to move about; you cannot lecture freely or discuss your political views in public; …and you can be arrested and flogged by the police and even imprisoned without a fair trial.

As typical of Southern Cameroonians, they ignored Endeley. We already know this story and everything that transpired throughout the 5 decades of union with LRC.

My interest lies in the present and future!

I sob when I see my people trying to repeat history by continually being gullible and sheer lack of insight. Moreso, Ambazonians forget the past easily.

The IG, the people’s government has witnessed the highest level of set-back and divide under the leadership of Dr Sako Ikome. We can vividly recall that the IG used to be very strong under the auspices of Sisekou Ayuk Tabe.

There was little or no internal conflict within the IG back in those days, but the reverse is true ever since Dr Sako took the crown. The APNC was conceived as a remedial or reconciliation platform to salvage the downtrends of the IG. Our beloved Dr Sako chose not to attend.

He rather left his house on fire and went about trying to extinguish that of his neighbours. Regrettably, he attended a conference spearheaded by Dr Neba Fontem. In the process, reduced the IG to just another group by appending his signature to a memorandum of understanding signed by so-called frontline leaders of the revolution.

His refusal to attend the APNC organised by supposed pro-Sissekou loyalists and his subsequent presence at the Federalist conference was the beginning of the undoing process of the people’s much loved IG.

APNC presented the opportunity for pro-Sissekou loyalists and pro-Sako loyalists to sit, talk and save nine by stitching for once in time. 

Conversely, Dr Sako, as a subtle dictator, would rather bring new faces on board the bandwagon of the IG, than to reconcile with those he met onboard. resultantly, more camps and groups have been created which in every way is detrimental to the struggle.

I wouldn’t blame H.E Sissekou Ayuk Tabe for dismissing Sako’s cabinet. Truthfully, I would have done the same. 

We do not expect President Ayuk Tabe and others languishing in jail to stay mute and watch the struggle they propagated take a downward spiral.

Dr Sako has some legendary achievements. We will always credit him for the formation of the ASC.

The actions of the ASC are much felt by LRC and has given Paul Biya enough sleepless nights. Regrettably, Dr Sako’s actions and lack thereof will not only undo his legacy but will equally reduce those of his predecessor to ashes.

Ambazonians have forgotten already that H.E Sissekou Ayuk Tabe has been in jail for over a year. All this while, he didn’t write to dismiss the cabinet of Dr Sako. What prompted him to do so now?

That’s the question every sensible Ambazonian ought to be asking. Without doubt, Ambazonians threw President Sissekou under the bus. Also, his mentality has been questioned and in most instances, looked upon as compromised.

There will always be a remnant of Ambazonians to remember that a compromise or mentally unstable person will not stand in the military court in LRC and declares himself an Ambazonian. Only a resolute and purposeful person or individuals can do that.

Yes, long term incarcerations do change people; some for the worst and others to become a better version of themselves. Undoubtedly, President Sissekou Ayuk Tabe, as an example, is one of those who shall come out being an upgraded version of himself.

Most people, if they were in Sissekou’s shoe, would already have given-up and broken to the core. Such as Dr Fontem who went incommunicado after he was released from LRC’s dungeon. On the other hand, Sissekou is still very vocal even in jail.

As customary and typical of Ambazonians, they would rather follow the second Foncha to the Foumban conference like a sheep being lured to the slaughterhouse. A second Foncha who is yet to tell them how money contributed for MTTB was spent, a Foncha under whose watch a second TV Station(ABC) was created. A Foncha under whose leadership, there have been more infightings and division among Ambazonians than ever before. Notably, under whose watch, a hydrogen bomb of camp Sissekou and Camp Sako has been created.

We now see several motions of support flying from left to right. After all, our fathers did the same for Paul Biya. Bringing it to Ambazonia wouldn’t hurt right?

Need I warn Ambazonians that Sissekou is not a figure that can easily be thrown in the bin after being used. If Ambazonia will be a place where people are used and discarded like a waste, then I will say LRC is better of.

The ball is in Dr Sako’s court. At this very point of the struggle, he should rather unite his loyalists with Sissekou’s or watch the IG implodes.

Conclusively, the struggle has never been about any individual. Even Sissekou said so himself. Anyone who works against the struggle is to be thrown under the bus. So far, Sissekou hasn’t betrayed the struggle. The targetted cabinet realignment by Sako aimed at kicking out Sissekou’s loyalists within the IG is the same as pouring more fuel in a consuming fire. 

Ambazonians, open your eyes and follow the timeline of the struggle. Do not forget to question your leaders when they go wrong for they are also human. Only your scoldings can bring them back on track.

Long Live Ambazonia, short-lived the struggle.

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