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Dr. Sako Reduces General Nambere To A Clown

Ever since the emergence of Dr. Sako at the helm of the Ambazonian revolution, it has been a game of one propaganda to another. Moreso, sabotaging real fighters has been his modus operandi. Worst still is the reduction of able ground zero fighters to clowns.

The height of the manipulation was when they used General Nambere with a meagre promise of making him the major General of Ambazonia federal Marshall. Nambere, on his part made a video and rubbished the efforts of H.E Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. We also saw him worshipped Sako and praised him all sort of titles and added more feathers on his red cap of dictatorship.

3 weeks later, after Sako failed to fulfil the fake promises made to Nambere, the later shot another video to debunk the lies he told in the previous. Shockingly, he revealed that the previous video was influenced by one Ma Irene who happens to be a Sako Loyalist.

Ambazonians, where are we really heading to with all these confusion set in motion by Sako and his dictatorial team of scumbags?

Watch the video influenced by Sako and team below:

Watch him debunk the Sako influenced video:

My comment on this:

General Nambere had been a devoted fighter. Regrettably, recent events have revealed how easily he can be used. To get back into the good books of sound minded Ambazonians, we expect him to issue an apology for letting Sako used him as a docile imbecile and for rubbishing the efforts of H.E Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

NB: the Peace plant match by thousands of Ambazonians is and will remain the landmark of the Ambazonian revolution.

We have heard fighters like Cho Ayaba, Akwanga and even Sako himself used it as a reference to prove to the international community that Ambazonians are not terrorists, but peaceful people who only wanted a better standard of living. 

If we had started the revolution by picking up arms, we wouldn’t have received the international sympathy we’ve had so far in the revolution. 

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