EcransNoirs2017: First attempt, smash hit for Kadhy Toure

Her  first movie thrilled the public last   17 July at the  Sita Bella hall in Yaounde.

For the first projection of her  film in Cameroon, Kadhy Touré committed to be part of the rendez-vous. After 105 minutes of projection in the Sita Bella hall, Yaounde, the female Ivorian producer-actress, stage director and co-director of this full-length film availed herself for questions from the public. She did not hide her emotion with regard to the appreciation of her palpitating film, which retraces the daily life of  an apparently stable couple  comprised of a renowned interpreter and affectionate husband. Whereas their live takes a twist the day the wife, initially satisfied, comes across a rich American business man.

First, the husband’s translator-wife, Naturelle (name of the main character) shall become the mistress of the American. A honeymoon that shall hit her marriage on the rocks.  The scenes of the film match with an adequately dosed humoristic rhythm. Kadhy Touré can be proud of her achievement. She self-funded her movie; only through the savings of her job as Interpreter. “I’m in fact an Interpreter in English, French and Spanish”, reveals the thirty-year old. In Côte d’Ivoire, this young lady is also known as a comedian. And now, she assumes with class, her new capacities as Producer and Director. A   rich career for a talented and ambitious woman. Her watchword: Action!

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