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Former Commissioner Zogo Confirms Falsification Of Paul Biya’s Signature

The CODE gives Bulu oligarchs 48 hours to tell the truth to the Cameroonian people about President Paul Biya.

This time allows Chantal, Franck, Junior and Brenda Biya not to accuse us of disrespecting their family intimacy because Paul Biya belongs to all Cameroonians. 

We can not continue to accept that we take our compatriots for fools with regard to the falsification and imitation grotesque signatures of Paul Biya in the series of the last decrees published Wednesday, February 7, 2018: this staged fatal, Machiavellian and ubuesque only confirms the doubts of the code.on the situation of the head of state that has not been seen and seen publicly for two weeks today.


Former Commissioner Zogo Confirms Falsification Of Paul Biya’s Signature

I am a former police commissioner; I was trained to detect the forgery and use of forgery like the rest of my comrades commissioners in a discipline we called Special Criminal Law at the National Police Superior School. I combed through the pseudo signatures affixed to the decrees published yesterday and attributed to Paul Biya.

As an ex-OPJ formed, I can assert without excess and with a margin of error almost zero, that the signatures affixed to the various decrees published yesterday: appointing the president of the Constitutional Council and his other collaborators; as well as that affixed to the decree convening the electorate for the senatorial elections of March 25, 2018, are a forgery and use of coarse and grotesque fake. These signatures are not from Paul Biya. I invite all Cameroonians to observe the signature on the last decree convening the electorate for March 25, 2018. The fake jumps with the naked eye.

Faced with all these tampering and maneuvers worthy of thugs and mafia, we of the Code give until Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 21 hours, an ultimatum Bulu oligarchs including Fouman Akam to tell the truth to the Cameroonian people. 

After this time, we will take our responsibilities and will accept more than a small group of extremists ready for anything; continues to manipulate and deceive the Cameroonian people. We will announce what these extremists are trying to hide to save time. 

A word of warning hello! 

Junior Zogo 
For the Code.


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