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Independent Ambazonia: A Sharp Contrast To The South Sudan Scenario.

Southern Cameroons

Freedom for Southern Cameroons is a must:

Southern Cameroons: It has been a hammering point by those who preach against the quest for Ambazonia’s statehood, that if we are free from Cameroun today, we shall land ourselves in the situation that the South Sudan nation finds itself today, after gaining independence from Umar El-Bashir’s Sudan in July 2011.

Inasmuch as this may be considered a presentation of pessimism and a representation of misfortune tellers, the crisis in South Sudan republic is filled with a litany of lessons to be learned; thereby, adequately abating such an atmosphere in our to-be country.

The Similarity between Southern Cameroons’ Struggle and South Sudan

The underlying factor in both cases is based on the subject – crisis. South Sudan is tearing apart today after independence because of sheer greed and absence of strong institutions to prevent the ego of the two rebel gladiators who each desires to wield more political power than their counterparts. The Ambazonia pre-independent scenario has seen quite a bit of such display, characterized by conflicting, antagonistic ideologies and approaches, by the many groups that especially proliferated much recently. We have seen arrows shot at one another just at this stage of clamour for independence from the occupying Cameroun government.

The Difference  between Southern Cameroons’ Struggle and South Sudan

While the crisis in South Sudan is primarily built on issues of leadership and wielding of political power between President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Marshall, the misfortune tellers of our envisaged Ambazonian nation based their arguments on the premise of NW-SW frictions.

Why we shall sail through and be triumphant.

The mistake made by Africa’s youngest nation (South Sudan) emanated from the very beginning of the institutionalisation of the country. The South Sudanese people failed to put in place a sound and vibrant democratic process built on the foundations of constitutional respect and utter adherence to the dictates of the principle of ‘Separation of Powers’. They toed the mistaken path of majority African nations by placing personalities over institutions and principles, instead of the other way round.

We don’t mince words when we say Ambazonia is going to be a bastion of democracy and a beacon of good governance and accountability to other African nations. This is not going to happen through words and speeches. It is going to be done by everyone of us, especially the front liners of the revolution. Our inspiration in doing so is going to be drawn from the flaws of South Sudanese and other failed states, not just in Africa, but the world over. We will have a state built on the basis of equity, equality, justice, and freedom for all. All hands will be on deck, acts put together, and energies all directed to that one big goal – PROJECT AMBAZONIA.

Our laws shall be made by us, completely obstructive of undue external influences and interferences. They shall be made in a way that gives little or no room for the vices of regionalism, nepotism, tribalism, favouritism and ethnic sentiments. Our laws shall be made impermeable to distractions of NW-SW issues, especially as such geographical nomenclatures shall be nonexistent in the Ambazonian lexicon.

Our geopolitics shall be well defined, adhered to, and run on strict bases of consensus. It shall be a state where democracy and meritocracy take preeminence over gerontocracy and kleptocracy.

Written by: E.B Febsar….Native Ambazonian.

Victory for Southern Cameroons is a must

Southern Cameroons


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