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George Ewane the crooked CRTV correspondent at the Presidential Palace



The national communication council should either become unbiased or get disbanded.
Falsehood is practiced in no other media house than CRTV.
Media houses as well as journalist have been either banned or suspended because of the lapses of professionalism.
Yet CRTV spurns lies and propaganda everyday.

Yesterday George Ewane the crooked CRTV correspondent who analyzed the empty speech that Biya read or presented to an empty Hall during the 72nd General Assembly, added and spiced that empty speech with lies telling and falsehood.
Everyone listened to that empty speech and it does not need any analysis as such.
Biya talked on Climate change and terrorism especially BoKo Haram.
For Ewane to have qualified the Anglophone crisis or better still the Southern Cameroon’s case as Boko Haram is madness and sheer dishonesty on his part and lack of professional ethics.
The speech was void of the usual lie of Cameroon being one and indivisible. This lie can’t hold water and can’t survive the scan of truth but sheepishly George Ewane who has sacrificed truth for gastrointestinal journalism can’t draw a clear line between falsehood and truth.
His like are plentiful in CRTV who have lied until the people now shun them.
George Ewane lied that President Paul Biya of LA Republique Du Cameroun attended the lunch that President Donald Trump of the United States of America offered to African dignitaries and Head of states.
Yesterday he addressed an empty Hall and hopefully CRTV will announce that it was a full Hall.
If the National Communication council can’t sanction CRTV then it must stop sanctioning other media outfits.


Source:  Cameroon concurd

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