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The Musical Assimilation of Southern Cameroonians

Each and everyday, at least one Talented Southern Cameroonian Musician gets Francophonized. We have seen the Francophonization of Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Daphne and many others.

Tzy Panchak once took to Facebook and blasted artists who prefer to sing in French, but recently, he’s gradually being assimilated musically as well!

2 years ago when Mr. Leo released the official Video of, “E Go Beta”, though a hit track, It wasn’t much supported by our Anglophone brothers and sisters: few youtube views, comments and reaction. The song is 90% pidgin English and 10% French, a prove Mr. Leo was being Bilingual which goes a long way to show how diversified we can be.

On Va Gérer, Kemayo, Jamais-Jamais, Je T’aime, C’est faux, Qu’Est Ce Qui N’a Pas Marché? and recently Partout are coroborative evidences of Mr. Leo’s Musical Assimilation.

Salatiel happens to be the transformer: Askia(Ma Valeur), Daphne(Calée)…

This musical assimilation is not as a result of the dying regime, but about an anglophone population that has no love for their heritage. The sheer lack of a culture of engagement and support among Southern Cameroonians explains why artists who started their careers by representing their people musically changed over night.

Daphne’s Calée has already registered over 5 million views on YouTube! Do you think with such support from the Francophone community,  she will find any incentive to title her future songs in English ever again?

We have lots of Southern Cameroonians who do not practice what they preach, they claim to love our Heritage as Anglophones, but do more of Facebook preaching than actually protecting it. They tell our kids not to go to school so as to avoid being assimilated by the Francophones, but they failed completely to prevent the musical assimilation of our brothers and sisters.

Bara Mark is a great Southern Cameroonian and I respect him a lot, but sometimes I feel he’s hypocritical! When the anglophone struggle started, we all called on our musicians to give their voices, some openly declined, others acted indifferent, but artists like Bonzyz and Young holiday against all odds— stood with their people, made great sacrifices and passed out heart touching messages in their songs. Mark Bara and other fore runners didn’t share these songs, I personally tagged Mark on Facebook and he promised to check the “Freedom” song by Young Holiday and support him, but did nothing till date.


Young holiday sings in standard English, our Anglo-Saxon Heritage, our pride as Anglophones.

Which is better? Start practicing what we preach or push him(Young Holiday) with our lack of support and engagement to join Mr. Leo and others in their musical “change skin”?

If we can’t support and prevent our Anglophone brothers/sisters from being Francophonized then it’s useless telling our kids to boycott schools come September.

I am a proud Anglophone, I love my culture, Heritage and I am most especially Proud of Young holiday for upholding the banner and representing us in his Rap songs:


Freedom songs dedicated to Anglophone Struggle


Bonzyz-My Voice ft Leonette(Official Video) Dir. Chuzih Dadido, released 7 months ago, still at 3,513 views. Big Shame on Us Southern Cameroonians, clear evidence of lack of support.



Southern Cameroons FREEDOM Song By – Young Holiday Ft ABZed (Lyrics Video) still at 1,169 views.

What a shame?


Rap songs by Young Holiday in Standard English


If we must continue with the struggle, we must tell the world we are ready to support and protect the culture we are fighting for even musically. I end by saying a big NO to the Musical Assimilation of Southern Cameroonians!! 

What’s Your Stance?


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