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Outcome of the Common Wealth SG’s visit to Cameroon

The territory internationally known as Cameroon has been under serious threats of dividing into two separate entities for over a year now. Recording a large number of deaths in just over a year, the powers that be have paid a blind eye to the situation in Cameroon. As the year gradually creeps to an end; with the military roaming Manyu division like school children forcing thousands to become refuges in Nigeria, the Common Wealth SG decides to visit the country now. She puts it that Cameroonians need…

to embrace peace, unity in resolving the crisis that has grounded activities in the country’s English speaking regions.

After meeting with the head of state, the SG also met with John Fru Ndi and Bar. Balla. Below is an except as published by Bar. Balla on his FaceBook page;

Meeting with Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Commonwealth Secretary-General yesterday to discuss on the various challenges faced by all Cameroonians, accompanied by Elie Smith. We discussed at length about the current Anglophone crisis, its root causes, current war in Manyu Division, gross human rights abuses, shootings, killings and violence by armed forces, internet shutdown, prolonged detention of hundreds of youths, aged persons and women in prisons.

Raising awareness of the refugee situation, with more than 7000 registered refugees in Nigeria fleeing from the military repression.

We strongly agreed on the need for dialogue to avoid further deterioration of the current crisis and I stressed on the need for dialogue to include all groups and leaders without exception.

Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, reaffirmed Commonwealth’s commitment to support and offer her good offices to promote inclusive dialogue to address the root causes and build peace.

With all organisations, leaders, groups and parties calling for dialogue, I call on Mr. Biya, to end the war, set a date and all parties should return to a round table.

—Agbor Nkongho
Founder and Chairman, CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa.

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