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Pa Tassang, The Ravenous Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Tassang Wilfred is not only manipulative. Also, he’s jealous and envious—a pathological liar—who uses the scriptures like the devil to beguile his gullible victims. It’s for this same reason we were forewarned not to fall preys to false prophets/daddy G.O/Papas who come to us as sheep, but, inwardly are ravenous wolves.

No matter how convincing a false prophet may sound, he can never deceive those whose names were written in the book of life from when the foundation of the earth was laid in place. Likewise, all these pastors—in the revolution—will only put their yoke on the necks of imbecilic and docile Ambazonians.

History has a way of repeating itself! The biblical sojourn of the Israelites from the land where they were held slaves to the promised land comes to life in the Ambazonia revolution timeline! Few days after Moses(Sisiku) went to the mountain, the stiff neck Israelites erected a golden calf(Fake Pastor Sako) unto themselves and gave it unmerited worship. They wandered the wilderness much longer because they were stiff neck people. Wandering of the wilderness in the revolution ever since the emergence of Sako is conspicuous—the stagnation of the struggle—the backwardness; and not to mention the infighting that has led to the death of a lot of Ambazonians.

As sadly as it may sound, unless that golden calf is broken, the forward movement of the revolution will continually be hampered. 

The remnants of sound-minded Ambazonians see beyond the conspiracy theories, lies, deception and manipulations cooked directly on hellfire by fake pastors. These are the characteristics of Ambazonians these pastors can deceive:

Characteristics of Ambazonians Who are Under The Bondage Of Fake Pastors.

  • They believe in so-called men of ‘god’ more than God Himself.
  • They call their so-called men of god: ‘Papa’, ‘father’ as opposed the instructions of Jesus Christ who said, “call no-one father, excerpt for your father who is in heaven.
  • They think they can buy God’s blessings by enriching and encouraging the ostentatious lifestyles of their spiritual Papas in the name of paying tithes.
  • They don’t know the origin of tithes and why and how it became a law in the old testament settings.
  • They don’t know tithing was ended by Jesus Christ.
  • They don’t read their bibles, only the interpretations from daddy G.O matters.
  • They hardly ever use their brains and mind.

Pastor Sako The Dreamer:

A pastor who had a dream, like Joseph the dreamer. But, unfortunately for Sako, he couldn’t resist the first attempt by Potiphar’s wife(Elvis Kometa) to get him laid. Now, he’s the captain of Potiphar’s house(common sense group) as opposed to becoming the president of Ambazonia he dreamt of. 

This same dreamer in the person of Ikhome Sako exhibited a lot of dictatorial tendencies as an activist(Dr. common sense), and overnight, just like the devil; he did transform himself into an angel of light. Can a leopard change its spots? No!

Tassang may have been broken by the walls of prison! Not every mind can stand the realities of incarceration. Many people went to prison and when eventually released, are found not to be mentally stable. Some go in as saints and come out as killers, thieves, rapists….etc. But, we also have records of legends who became legendary after they left their jail cells.

We cannot blame Tassang for not seeing himself a leader because he is in prison, but he can be blamed for trying to contaminate the brave and the strong mindsets of Ambazonians held captive by our common oppressor. Ambazonians are lions! We are leaders wherever we are: on ground zero, ground one, jail or in the diaspora.

Who is a leader? What is leadership?

These are questions followers of false pastors ought to have asked themselves before attempting to finish LRC’s dirty job by shutting up our leaders in jail. The hypocrisy of this common-sense group has reached its apex—they call our brothers in jail leaders—but refuse they cannot lead from jail.

To lead or to be considered a leader, one must be in a position wherein they can coordinate the actions of a group or an organisation towards the achievement of a set of objectives. Simply put, leadership can be defined as doing the right or wrong things which are meant to be followed by a group of people.

In the case of the revolution, any of our brothers and sisters who does the right thing(fighting for the freedom of Ambazonia) from jail, in the diaspora, on ground 0 or ground 1, is truly a leader. 

Paul Biya should be ashamed for not being able to silence our brothers even after sentencing some of them to life imprisonment. These heroes behind bars and those in the grave are truly the icons of our revolution. The freedom of Ambazonia is directly related to the freedom of our prisoners. So long as they remain in jail, it’s Ambazonia that’s in jail. There’s no way to get every single prisoner released without first securing the freedom Ambazonia so much yearned for. Likewise, it’s impossible to possess free-Ambaland without our people in it. I hope these foolish and blind followers of pastors can see this logic and start giving our prisoners, the special status they deserve.

Dead Men Don’t Talk, Pa Tassang.

We should be proud of our brothers and sisters in jail who do not consider themselves dead. Tassang, as for you, your own words will work against you for eternity. Y’all claim to be men of god quoting scriptures left and right, but place less importance on your own words. To Ambazonians, you are dead! You cannot take back those words.

Dear Tassang, we cannot bury President Sisiku and other prisoners who still have life and the fighting spirit of Ambazonia in them.  I always saw a tough man in you, never in all the exploitation of the depth of my mind could I have fathomed you given up so easily, to such an extent of considering yourself dead.

What befalls me at this point is the fact that each time you(Tassang) came out of your grave, is to launch a missile against your brothers and never for once against the enemy. Even the famous, “ Total independence or resistance forever” letter that made rounds in the international community, was not signed by you.

Ambazonians are not a naive virgin girl you can sing love everlasting to, just to steal her virginity. We have gone past that age of words, everything about Ambazonia is ‘action’. Show your love to Ambazonians by rekindling the leadership spirit in you, dear Pa Tassang. We have always known you to be a warrior—a spartan—he dies, but, never surrenders! Such is the spirit of our fallen heroes, for though they are dead, their blood live on and ask for revenge daily from the Lord. What more of you, Pa Tassang? Should we continue to consider you dead? If yes, then stay in your grave and let’s remember you as a hero. Do not let Maryland pastors remove your face from Ambazonia’s glorious liberation year Almanac.

You are alive, yet, already given up and you want Ambazonians to consider you dead. Wake up Pa Tassang, wake up. We need that vibrant,  and sound-minded Pa Tassang back. A never do well pastor cannot be using you as his puppet!

The Truth About The Nera 10:

About the obscurity of the Nera 10 incidence, you need not emphasize it. We already know the truth! President Sisiku sold himself and his cabinet to the enemy. He didn’t value his freedom, so he decided to surrender to the enemy. He didn’t have money for rents. Thus, the free bed in Kondegui that he will probably sleep on, for the remainder of his life is a trophy deserving enough—for an ICT Engineer by training—a serving Vice President of the America University of Nigeria before his arrest and sub-director of Cisco for 23 African countries. If Ambazonians are too slow to cut this crab, I, Davis E Tabot, will seize the knife!

Dear Tassang, Package the lies in your testament and sell them to followers of daddy G.Os and False prophets. As for the remnant of Compos Mentis Ambazonians, we recognize the sacrifices and pain our brothers and sisters go through for our sake. We appreciate their fervent spirit and 21 gun salutes for their resilience and leadership even in jail.

Chief Kuva Likenye, E.M.L Endeley and Mola Njoh Litumbe will forever be remembered as great Ambazonia Patriarchs from the great tribe of the ‘Bakweries’, as for Sako Ikhome, the devil is still gathering fire-woods to prepare him a hell where his dream of becoming a president will finally come true—as he will be the boss—ruling over his numbskull followers.

Davis E Tabot.

For Amba Medias

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