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The Real Dictators And Enablers Of Ambazonia ‘s Struggle To Freedom

This website was created to be the eye and information vault of the Revolution. Files, documents and videos get buried on social media like Facebook. Thus, we get to save very important documents and videos on this website for future references. As an example, the most important document of the revolution(Resolutions of the fourth Scaccuf Conclave) will be made available in this write-up. Thereby, bringing to light the genesis of the infighting within the IG.

Before Sisiku and his cabinet members were arrested, we witnessed little or no in house fighting within the people’s beloved IG. Regrettably, the narrative has never remained the same since the incarceration of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

What Free Men Couldn’t Do, The Man In Jail Braved-up against all Odds and Saved The IG From Collapsing.


Eric Tataw couldn’t do it, Mark Bareta as well couldn’t do it. The restoration council which was created to umpire the IG as the quasi-legislative arm of the struggle. Equally, the body failed vehemently to execute its prime duty of preventing the rise of dictators.

The people of Ambazonian had lost trust in Dr Sako’s leadership for the sheer lack of accountability, manipulation of ground zero fighters, sabotage, misappropriation, dictatorship and poor management of state properties.

We have seen Sako and his team manipulated Ground fighters. As an example, General Nambere was influenced to minimize the efforts of H.E President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. If the President of Ambazonia could be treated with such a level of disdain, what assurance do such actions instil into an ordinary Ambazonian who intends to fight for freedom?

What Prompted President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe to Issue An executive Order from Jail?

The president if not a fool! He’s far from being a power monger, as he has been quiet and carefully observing the revolution from his cell in Kondengui; until such a point where Sako’s and Chris Anu’s excesses couldn’t be curbed even by the Restoration Council. 

The following points account for the President’s action from Jail:

1. Sabotage:

Eric Tataw did play an instrumental role in propelling Sako’s sabotage campaign to greater heights. Moreso, he has been noted for calling able fighters and patriots based in South Africa, ‘South African Cartel’. A sobriquet which has not only hampered the speed of the revolution but equally restricted the functioning of People, I will dare say, the ‘IG’ is their brainchild.

Eric Tataw cannot be crying now on a Facebook live show, he ought to know better that, when he was speaking loud and nicknaming Comrades in South Africa, ‘South African Cartel’ he was only pouring water to germinate the seed of discord that had already been sown by Tithes Collectors. 

Tithes collector who probably had a very little congregation, now, they have 8 million people at their disposal. They preached the gospels of My Trip To Buea and Hurricane—got Ambazonians excited—We bought our tickets and boarded the flight to Buea.

Months later, the Pastors told us, there will be a new chapter.

You don’t have to give your money to us anymore, all you need to do is open the book of ‘LGA by LGA’.

As usual, Eric Tataw had to help them again promulgated their agenda by presenting with tact to the people of Ambazonia.

County by County covered up the uselessness of those tithes collectors, they take credits for an idea their brains couldn’t comprehend. Ambazonians contribute to their various counties, and the preachers still get a share—Eric Tataw was around again to endorse the payment of their house rents—Whilst we condemn ground zero fighters for living on money sent to them. 

Now the South African Cartel, Eric Tataw so much belittled has emerged stronger and taller, and we all know they are Pro Sisiku loyalists. Surprisingly, Eric gets on Facebook and cry like a baby. You promoted it! 

What again, is Milan’s crime? Oh! He was accused of being the mastermind behind the abduction of the Nera 10. Yes, Ambazonians condemn people before they even get a chance to say a word. For us to truly get freedom, we must, first of all, become independent in our minds. 

Ambazonians do not have to be like sheep that can be lured into the slaughterhouse or driftwoods in the middle of the ocean to be tossed: East, West, South and North by any wave of events.

Here’s another proof of Sabotage from Sako’s surrogate and loyalist:


2. Dictatorship: 


There are several differences between a ruler and a leader. Notably, Sisiku verbally leading thousands of Ambazonians to create history on the 22 of September 2017 and on the 1st of October, 2017. The peace plant match which not only become the landmark of the revolution, but also the point of references.

We didn’t just pick-up arms, we started with a peace plant.

We had only the peace plants, they came with guns.

With the peace plant reference, we got international sympathy, they didn’t label us as terrorists. 

Leaders go where there’s no road, and leave trails for others to follow. Sisiku Ayuk, President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is a born leader.

On the other hand, rulers always end up as dictators. Often times, they present themselves as sheep, but inwardly, they are ravenous wolves. By way of illustration,  Paul Biya was very handsome, charming, his charisma got people believed in him. As a result, they left him to grow into the monster he is today unchecked.

Chris Anu comes with a thunderous verbose power! With an MK-ultra mind control tendencies, Chris has used his loquacious abilities to the detriment of the struggle. Actually, he has a hold on docile Ambazonians—As for Ambazonians who can read between the lines—We know, His verbosity has only exceeded his vitality. In other words, Chris Anu has done more harm than good.

He is a very strong wave that tosses driftwood-like Ambazonians to any direction. Moreso, they cannot dare to ask him about the hurricane he fake-promised them.

  • Bedrock Of The Interim Government:

Restoration council

Resolution Number 25 granted ‘SCBC’ the legal rights to be self-sustaining and to be run by an independent board. Obviously, being self-sustaining and being run by an independent board, doesn’t mean it’s the property of an individual or group of individuals.

Irrespective of all the lies Chris Anu pushed forward, SCBC remains the property of Ambazonians. We did contribute to ensuring the smooth functioning of the station. 

Regrettably, Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta and other PRO-IG activists failed to refer Ambazonians to Resolution 25 that uplifted the burden of Ambazonians contributing regularly to run a TV Station.

Eric Tataw spoke against the TV. He had a backlash from a set of Pro-Sako moronic Facebook Trolls. Like John Snow, Eric Tataw whose voice reverberates assurance into the minds of Ambazonians—Bended the knee—And succumbed to lures and deceits of Chris Anu.

Thence, we spotted the first sprout of dictatorship. Every Ambazonian needs to answer this question:

What Law or Resolution Created ‘ABC’ TV?

  • Chris Anu and the first Sprout of Dictatorship:

Chris Anu created ABC without the consent of the RC. Evidently, he dictated against the Resolutions of the 4th Conclave under the watchful eyes of the Restoration Council. Sheer negligence of duty and responsibility on the part of the Restoration Council—As the legislative of the IG—they neglected the resolutions that created both the IG as well the Restoration Council.

No true leader will trust such a legislative that provides breeding grounds for dictators.

Chris AnuBy endorsing ABC and castigating SCBC, Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta and a host of other activists, further watered the sprouts of dictatorship and expanded the rift between, team Sako and team H.E Sisiku.  

Laws were neglected, the very resolutions that created the IG, Restoration Council, mandated the president to put forth a constitution and made SCBC autonomous, were reduced to papers Chris Anu used to clean his Anus.

With blind passes from activists—SCBC—the people’s TV was relegated and labelled a ‘South African Cartel’s’ private business.

Yet again, under the watchful eyes of the Restoration Council, an important autonomous stated owned institution was neglected and abandoned. 

The brain behind the smooth running of the SCBC TV, stood firmly on resolution 25 of the 4th Conclave and now it’s vividly clear for all to see that it was never about the TV being owned by individuals, but About Chris Anu being in control so he can feed his lies and deceptions to gullible Ambazonians. 

I recently saw Bareta Mark Praising SCBC, oh! How much have the tides changed? The Team and the masterminds behind SCBC have made sure the TV is self-sustaining, autonomous, thereby, fulfiling Resolution 25 of the 4th Conclave. We can confidently say, SCBC is the most successful organ of the Interim Government.

Those who endorsed ABC and castigated SCBC are responsible for splits and fractions in the IG. Four very imperative resolutions were reached upon at the 4th Conclave; one created the IG, the other established the Restoration, the 3rd made mandated President Sisiku to create the Federal Constitution and the fourth made SCBC self-sustaining and an autonomous institution of the government. 

We Ambazonians kicked SCBC away, thereby, ignorantly ignited the teardown of the IG.

  • Moments of Dictatorship:

Below is a summary of how Chris Anu and partner in crime dictated, undermined resolutions and bypassed the Restoration Council.

  • Creation of ABC, providing private PayPal for contributions—No Law—nor resolution created ABC.
  • The undermining of resolution 25 of the 4th conclave.
  • Coming on Air to announce a pro-Sako 73 loyalists cabinet without proper vetting from the RC.
  • Pronouncing President Sisiku banned, without the knowledge of the Restoration Council.
  • Holding a meeting with 100 surrogates to vote on impeaching President Sisiku without the RC.

As seen above, Chris Anu and Sako are the real dictators. 

3. Manipulation: 

We cannot really talk much about the manipulative propensities of Sako’s dictatorial regime. The recorded conversation below General Nambere and One Irene, a Sako Loyalist, will be archived to serve as corroborative evidence, a testament of the devilish manipulation perpetrated by team Sako on an Ambazonian general, against the President in jail.

If They could manipulate General Nambere, what stops them from manipulating Barrister Fru 

  • Barrister John Fru’s Smear Campaign On ABC:

Barrister Fru John Nsoh made his way to the spotlight of the Revolution when he appeared as the lead counsel of Nera10. He has ever since his emergence, been branded as the man who speaks fire. The no-nonsense lawyer has majestically warmed his way into the hearts of Ambazonians, so much, so that, they consider his words as the ultimate truth.

If that were not the case, Paul Nylon and Ambazonia Brainwashing Center(ABC), wouldn’t have put up Barrister Fru John Nsohsuch a smear campaign, incessantly until the gullible ambazonians get to take to heart words that were forced out of his mouth(barrister Fru John).

I have always asked myself and others around me this question; what gives Barrister Fru the immunity to talk against the government of LRC and promote Ambazonia within the country and go scold free?

For the very first time, the firebrand lawyer murmured and spoke from both sides of his mouth. The unprofessionalism of Paul Nylon as a wannabe Journalist did the smear campaign no justice—as he constantly fumbled—mumbled and jumbled the whole package uncoded; quite explicit, even easier for a toddler to tell it was all a show of character assassination.

Barrister Fru John Nsoh was there, dancing to the evil beats of his employer. 

Same Barrister Fru who has praised and worshipped Sisiku, all of a sudden, changes his stance to the extent of saying Sisiku is compromised. Without any dot of evidence, he only mentioned Mvondo, the name of Biya’s agent and a mention of Kamto’s name got driftwood-like Ambazonians moving with the wave towards the ‘ultimate truth’ told by the saint; Barrister Fru John Nsoh.

How can LRC destroy the IG, if not from within 

The Charismatic Barrister has warmed his way into the hearts of Ambazonians. resultantly, he is found standing tall in the core of Sako’s IG. 

So far, we have heard Sako, Chris Anu and the Barrister talked, but we haven’t heard a word from Sisiku. It’s their words against his, but why get to condemn him without hearing his own side of the story?

LRC arrested so many other Barristers and people from other works of life for speaking about federation, but Barrister Fru John Nsoh walks freely even after haven used every taboo word and even call the dictator of Yaounde names. What gives Barrister Fru John Nsoh such immunity in that hell of a country?

“Warm your way into the hearts of Ambazonians, infiltrate the IG, and like a trojan horse; destroy it from within”. Could this be the highly esteemed Barrister’s pay grade?

Which reputable Barrister will talk lowly of their client in the public in such a manner as Barrister Fru John Nsoh on his smear campaign together with Paul Nylon?

The lead counsel for the Nera10 will set the gullible minds of feeble Ambazonians en-route a confused course in the name of asking Sisiku what the topic of discussions was for Nera10 conference. What arrant nonsense? Barrister, what have you been defending all along?

Could Barrister Fru John Nsoh be a green snake hiding in the green grass? What if this recent feud between him and Sisiku is about the later spotting the green snake?

Dear Barrister, President Sisiku has not been compromised, we still remember him declaring himself as an Ambazonian in the military tribunal in Yaounde.  The watch phrase below will always remind sane Ambazonians of his resolves:

Total Independence or Resistance forever

Until such a time, we hear Sisiku say otherwise or sign otherwise; shall we the remnant of sound minded Ambazonians throw him under the bus. Until such a time, dear Barrister, your smear campaign on Ambazonian Brainwashing Center(ABC) served not the revolution, but only rekindled the dying flames of your employers’ dictatorship and hold on the people of Ambazonia. 

Well done sir!

4. Inaction And Negligence Of The Restoration Council:

Every Ambazonian with a dot of insight knows and will agree anywhere that the restoration council is a hand clapping organisation. 

  • Resolution 25 of the conclave that created the restoration council was undermined. What did the RC do? 👏 
  • Intelligent Patriots and loyal comrades were sidelined, reduced to a South African Cartel. What did the RC do? 👏 
  • Sako and other vampires declared The President, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe impeached. What did the RC do? 👏 
  • Elvis Kometa provided evidence at the APNC that Sako’s house rent was being paid without the knowledge of the restoration council. What did they do? 👏 
  • One day after President signs an executive order expelling the team of tithes collector, the restoration council was quick to react. Thereby promoting individuals rather than institutions.
Elvis Kometa at APNC
Chairman Elvis Kometa At The APNC

If the restoration council used their good office to interpret Resolution 25 to Ambazonians against the lies and deceits of Chris Anu, it wouldn’t have reached to the point where President Sisiku was compelled to make use of an Executive order to do the needful that even free men couldn’t do. 

He knew he will be met with stiff resistance from the crowd mentality. Likewise, the spell of the preachers on Ambazonians who follow the multitude without any foresight. Yet, he braved-up—against all odds—with an executive order, he dismissed the collectors of the tithes. 

Ambazonians call him compromised, they judge the state of his mind, some call him unfit. Others wished him dead. Regrettably, some Ambazonians have prayed for him to be sentenced in LRC.

  • What is his crime? Fighting for Ambazonians.
  • Where did he go wrong? Fighting for Ambazonia from jail.

Sisiku has no intention to lead from jail. Who really should be worried about Sisiku leading from Jail?

LRC or Ambazonia? What a character building opportunity Ambazonians have thrown away?. The message and story I will forever tell about this whole Saga have been coined down into the following lines.

You can cage the body, but not the mind and spirit. 

Often times, most folks get to quote Agbor Balla and Neba Fontem to justify why Sisiku cannot lead from jail. 

Agbor Came out of jail with a different narrative, but Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, while still in the Box facing death penalty, declares himself an Ambazonian.

After reading the points explained above, can anyone in his/her right senses, still castigate the president for trying to save the revolution and the IG from the grip of dictators and hand clapping restoration council?

President Sisiku is compromised:

President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe
President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

LRC did succeed to cage his body. Ambazonians ought to mock them for not being able to take away his fighting spirit in jail. Ambazonians ought to have copied his resolves and fighting spirit even in the calm of the enemy and stayed resolute and watchful, surprisingly, they chose to believe conspiracy theories over the truth.

Let LRC worry about Sisiku leading from Jail, and not Ambazonians.

If Sisiku gives Ambazonians freedom from jail, I supposed they will refuse it because of the personality cult they’ve ignorantly built around Sako.

The day H.E Sisiku Ayuk Tabe will talk about Federating with LRC, that’s the day any reasonable Ambazonian can freely call him compromised. Until such a time, every Ambazonian owes the president an apology for trying to Cage his mind and Spirit when LCR could only cage the body.

This is an example of a die-hard leader, fighting from the lion’s den is everything to be written in every Ambazonian history books, studied in schools; and not the treacheries of some pastors who sit free in the comfort zone of America. Yet, Ambanzions pay their rents.

He went incommunicado, subjected to untold duress from the Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities, yet he remained objective. Got back in touch with the struggle. The fact that he didn’t immediately dismiss Sako’s cabinet proves four things:

  • He’s patient.
  • He’s fair in judgement.
  • He is not Power Mongering.
  • Buea Remains his target.

He carefully observed the flight, the pilots thought they could fly without signals from those who laid the foundation of the revolution. The shreds of the plane are proof enough the revolution needed someone brave enough to bring back the trust and sanity of the revolution. 

The Pastors acted, the restoration council failed to react; President Sisiku, through an executive order, reacted by doing the needful.

Think again, Ambazonians:

  • If the Restoration Council wasn’t just a hand clapping association.
  • If they had protected the very resolutions that gave them legislative powers.
  • If the RC had Dismissed Chris Anu and impeached Sako for gross manipulation, dictatorship, mismanagement of State Properties and lack of accountability. Do you think Sisiku would have written any letter from Jail?

Why give him the title without the Authority? You call him, H.E President Sisiku, but when he issues an executive order which is his right as the President, you call him compromised?

Is this the kind of country we aim for our children? Where we allow ourselves to be ruled and not led? President Sisiku can never be compromised. The day he will mention federation, I will be the first to write against him. He Remains my President even as a captive in LRC dungeons. 

I don’t know about you reading this right now. Do you still find Sisiku Faulty for issuing an executive order to redeem the Revolution?

Did you know, before his executive order, he suggested a merger of ABC TV and SCBC? What does this say about him? He puts Ambazonia first! He realised that the ABC project was dictated to Ambazonians, but he didn’t want to make a big deal of it. He simply suggested for the merger of ABC and SCBC.

If SCBC wasn’t an Ambazonian property as lairs have propagated on the minds of weak Ambazonians; The President wouldn’t have mentioned a merger. We see the wise President trying hard to bring back the Wing of the plane that was destroyed by a strong hurricane of lies.

What happened Ambazonians? 

Chris Anu threatened to resign from the interim government. He pulled out from his tool kit, an MK-ultra mind control technique and used on the gullible minds of Ambazonians.

As a mastermind controller that Chris Anu is, he observed and when the tides of the social media reports were in his favour, he re-emerges like a serpent beguiling such that even the greatest of mind could be mesmerised. Thence came forth the new slogans of the revolution:

I don’t Take Orders from Prisoners.

He cannot rule from Jail.

They question any sound minded Ambazonian ought to ask Chris Anu is

Why can’t he lead from jail?

Is he against the independence of Ambazonia?

How Then has he been compromised?

We are fighting for the independence of Ambazonia, it doesn’t matter where you are. Some fight from ground zero, others from ground 1. The Diasporans are also doing a great job. 21 gun salute to our incarcerated leaders, who, while in chains, yet fight for the independence of Ambazonians.

Did you also know that Sisiku asked for the APNC conference to be combined with one other conference? Sako government had the opportunity presented in front of them to mend the broken pieces of the plane. What did he do? A vehement turn down of the proposal by the wise President of Ambazonian, H.E Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Instead for Sako to attend a reconciliatory conference with internal members of his family(IG), he rather chose to attend federalist ‘SCLC’ conference held by his neighbours. Finally, we can conclude that common sense is not actually common.

Eric Tataw and other activists were seen painting the APNC reconciliatory conference as a ‘LRC’ sponsored conference. Several lies were told, some of which suggested the arrest of participants. 

Despite all these pantomimes, manipulations, deceits, dictatorship, sabotage and lack of accountability; President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe only issued an executive order after Chris Anu’s appearance on Ambazonia Brainwashing Center(ABC) and announced Sako’s list of surrogates as the new cabinet members. Remember, this happened without the vetting of the RC.

Can any reasonable Ambazonian blame President Sisiku for stepping in at the right time to salvage the revolution from the claws of Sako, Chris Anus and the inactions of the restoration council? I guess not!


Total Independence or Resistance forever. This is supposed to be the catchphrase on the lip of every Ambazonian. Both in the box in the military court and in black and white, He has proved himself a die-hard Ambazonian.

Our kids shall remember Him and other leaders in jail whose signatures are found on this letter for their bravery and courage in even the lion’s den. 

As for Chris Anu and his cohorts, our kids will remember them as the ones who tried to cage the minds and spirit of Amazonia’s finest fighters and not LRC. 

Total Independence or Resistance forever


Sako The Preacher Man:

It’s obvious the preacher boys had some hidden agenda from day one! Firstly, they kicked comrades who served under President Sisiku, brought in surrogates and loyalists. As an ‘acting’ interim president, your duty is to act in the stead of the president. 

What’s your business in bringing in loyalists and surrogates if not to subtly emerge as the Supreme Ruler

Sako Ikhome
Comrade Sako Ikhome, former Acting Interim President

of Ambazonia? In most parts of this write-up, I have attempted to make a clear cut distinction between a leader and a ruler. Permit me to use this opportunity to shed more light on that. 

Sako is a ruler! Sake rules, he doesn’t lead. He convenes a meeting with 100 County heads and coordinators and rules on an illicit vote to impeach H.E President Sisiku. In such an instance, an Ambazonian with the same state of mind like myself will immediately spot an incarnation of President Paul Biya of LRC who rules on everything in Cameroun.

Again, what has the restoration council Done? 

The plane of MTTB has not even kicked-off from the US, where the supposed pilot is. Folks in Asia have waited, southern Cameroonians in Europe are waiting. The Cartel in South African, even though they were sidelined, still had hoped, the flight will touch Johannesburg. 

The refugees in Nigeria, the internally displaced whose hope was at the zenith, heard about the wreck and all the activists shouted;

Even though the plane never took off, everything’s ruined and only shreds of the plane can be seen.

Eric Tataw attempted to clean Sako’s mess, by promoting County by County. You(Sako) stole the idea and through your selected country coordinators, Country Representatives, RC council and county heads, you still a get share of what Ambazonians contribute for the liberation of the homeland.

99% of country coordinators, county heads, Restoration council representatives and Ambassadors are most loyal to Sako than to the Revolution and the people of Ambazonia.

A case study to vividly paint a clear picture of this gross corruption and surrogacy within the camp of Sako’s IG is SCCU. SCCU is an acronym for Southern Cameroons China Union. It’s the mother group of Ambazonians based in Asia, most especially in China.

Capo Daniel, Thiery and many other great fighters were groomed in SCCU. Ideologies and loyalty switched positions, SCCU the mother Ambazonia community in China became restrictive, the silencing of alternative voices became the order of the game. 

It has gotten worst to the extent where anything which is not pushing the Sako agenda is immediately tagged, ‘LRC’, ‘Sellout’ and many more.  The Ambassador, restoration council representatives, country heads, except for Ngolle are all Sako butt lickers. 

Ngolle also happened to be the president of SCCU. A conspiracy has set in motion, come to a supposed conference to be organized by SCCU, Sako loyalist will achieve their dark midnight plans of removing the objective President of Sccu from the high office. This is exactly how much objectivity is punished in Sako’s regime.

Many other groups in different countries and continents have suffered the same feat as SCCU. A transition from fighting for the people of Ambazonia, to fighting to cover and maintain a dictator in power. What a charade? 

We can clearly see the type of government Sako is building for Ambazonians. Only loyalist and surrogates get appointments and call to serve the strong man. This is nothing but a ‘copy and paste’ version of Biya’s government— where only Loyalists like Atangana Nji Paul and Dion Ngute get rewarded. 

Sako, sorry for you! The Ambazonia we are fighting for belongs to every Ambazonian and not to you and your loyalists.

Once again, Sisiku scored a major goal and proved he is the natural born leader of Ambazonia. Those whose sole job in this revolution is to play the cards of surrogacy have questioned Sisiku’s sense of Judgement for appointing Capo Daniel as the Ambassador of Asia and the Middle East.

Here’s exactly how Sisiku proved he is the bigger man—he appoints an anti-IG activist as an Ambassador—Corroborative evidence to doubting Thomases, that the government he is building is an all-inclusive one and not just for loyalists and surrogates.


President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is not compromised. He remains the president of Ambazonia. The executive order from the President must be executed.  The two pastors and their gang of 73 loyalists and surrogates have been dismissed. The hand clapping restoration council led by Elvis Kometa was dissolved because of the following reasons:

  1. Infiltration by surrogates and loyalists.
  2. Failing to protect the law and resolutions.
  3. Failing to use the office to stop the rise of dictators.

It’s obvious Elvis Kometa had always wanted to suspend Sako as acting interim president. His presence and words at the APNC conference speak volumes. For the fear of the dictators, he had to subtly suspend Sako through the resolutions of the APNC. 

It’s about time our activists stopped sitting on the fence!

Eric Tataw

Eric Tataw and Mark Bareta, in particular, have a hold on many people. What they say, people take to heart. It’s very imperative for Y’all to stop sitting on the fence and align with the light of this revolution. It’s no longer about who has the highest number of viewers, our kids will remember and honour those who stood for the light and not those with the highest followers.

A lot of harm has already been done, and Y’all get a share of the blame just as every Ambazonian who propagated the lies and reduction of comrades in South Africa to the rank of a ‘South African Cartel’.

Now, you Eric Tataw feel bad to be reduced to a ‘Manyu Activist’.

An aphorism puts it thus:

What is good for the goose, is good for the gander

If you think Sisiku shouldn’t fight or lead from jail, kindly tell us why you think so.

Has he been compromised?

Is he against the right to self-determination of the people of Ambazonia?

Did he violate any Ambazonian law by issuing an executive order?

We cannot talk about the constitution! This is so because, the very resolutions that gave birth to the IG, Restoration Council, the autonomous status of SCBC and mandated the president to create the constitution were violated.  Obviously, the constitution must have been influenced, altered to favour Sako. Moreso, we cannot trust any constitution in the hands of a hand clapping restoration council.

Dear activists, answer the questions asked above,  following the timeline of this revolution, stand for truth. Do not believe in the crowd. For once upon a time, the crowd followed Foncha, and here we are today; fighting for the lack of foresight by the crowd.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is the president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. We shall execute his orders to the latter. 

Long Live Ambazonia, short-lived the struggle!!

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts after reading in the comment box below.

Davis E Tabot


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