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Bishops insist to be quickly tried and either get convicted or acquitted

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  • Bishops insist on speedy trial,
  • Cameroun Government breaking bit by bit(Internet reinstatement, demilitarization Of Southern Cameroon).
  • AU Chairman Urges African Leaders to cut ties with France.pressure Cameroon Government

The People Of southern Cameroons need to keep mounting  pressure from all angle on the rogue nation, they are finally breaking bit by bit. First the indefinite suspension of the Case against the Catholic, Protestant and Baptist clergies, now from the mouth of the President, an order was made and internet was immediately reinstated in Southern Cameroons. Mr President, are we to thank you for such a kind gesture? LOL.

The Bishops demanded a speedy trial, they need to establish their fates, but LRC publicly tucked her tail like a dog and cowardly suspend the case indefinitely.  The announcement to postpone the unprecedented case which had caught national attraction with wagging tongues swearing that the Catholic Church cannot be dragged in the mud by anybody. Archbishop Samuel KLEDA, President of National Episcopal Conference had maintained that the Catholic Church was not responsible for the stalemate in the Anglophone crisis.

The ‘Consortium of Parents’ through their legal representative is demanding the sum of 150.000.000 FCFA as special and general damages. Southern Cameroonians world had declared a nationwide strike to show their solidarity to the clergies, its obvious the regime got broken by the pressure and they had no choice but to suspend the case.

President Paul Biya is very slow to act, his decision to reinstate the internet now makes him look more of a coward with traces of imbecility. President Biya has become so predictable; his possible next move could be the unconditional release of all the arrested Southern Cameroonians and decreed the return to a two state Federation. The internet reinstatement and any other thing that is not in line with the complete Restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons are far from being the prime objectives of Ambazonians at this point in time, maybe 6 months ago when the struggle started, but as it’s embedded in the president’s “DNA”, Paul Biya is ever too slow to act.

Part of the reasons Southern Cameroonians can not be fooled by the reinstatement of internet and any possible Federation is because of the ties the Republic Of Cameroon has with France. First and foremost, Internet and any other means of communication is the inalienable right of every human being. The president can not be thanked for forcefully taking our rights and giving it back after a serious “Arm wrestling”. Other African countries are willing to cut their ties with France, but we are left to ponder to understand the devilish pacts or secrets that are bidding Cameroun to France, Southern Cameroonians can not continue to be part of this ordeal, Southern Cameroonians demand nothing, but the complete restoration of their country. Southern Cameroonians will get their own satellite, instate their own internet and make their own conscious deals with foreign partners and allies that will not be as exploitative as France.




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