Son of former supreme court president arrested for attempted rape

This time around its an attempted rape case and the person involved is Thomas Alexis Dipanda Mouelle, Son of the former Supreme Court President in Cameroon the one”who said his hands were tied”, has been detained for drugging and attempting to rape a teenage girl in the Nations Capital Yaounde recently.
According to sources the son of the former Supreme Court President currently a worker with the Telecommunication Regulatory Agency was blocked as he was being whisked in a gendarm van and gotten well beaten at his Damas neighborhood in the Centre Region.
It should be noted that Thomas Alex Dipanda Mouelle is notorious for such acts .

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One Thought to “Son of former supreme court president arrested for attempted rape”

  1. Nathalia Smith

    This article is a purely slander because the accused man, Thomas Alexis, is not capable of what you have described in that article. A lot of people, know him as a catholic christian, baptised and communed, who believes in God. In addition, he’s a faithful husband and responsible father.

    On the other hand, most people including me think “Thomas Alexis does not need drugs to have sexual intercourse with women because he is not only handsome, cute, gentleman but he also has everything women desire….”.

    By the way in Cameroon, when people suspect someone else, such as those military men and the population who have suspected Thomas Alexis, the presumption of innocence is no longer important because suspicion gave them the right to block the road, sequestrate and torture him, like you wrote, without being able to substantiate that he is actually guilty of what he was suspected of? To illustrate, did they demonstrate that Thomas Alexis was in drug possession or that he was actually naked to rape that lady? Lol!

    In some way, your source, Boris Bertolt, didn’t have the right information about what has exactly happened that Monday 21st of August 2017 at 5 p.m in the Damas neighborhood? I personally think that you have written this article to discredit his father reputation as well as his own at his workplace, lol, good luck with that and may God Bless you all.

    Thomas Alexis has not been arrested, he was saved from popular justice and taken to a Gendarmerie Brigade in that neighbourhood to be understood, just like the lady in his car. However, the military men vanished and have not been understood as well as the interested population about what they done to him. Nowadays, everybody around that area is a now new tenant.

    In the end, no one filed a complaint against Thomas Alexis. May you explain why no one filed a complaint? Lol!

    Nevertheless, is there a formal procedure that has been put in place by people to complaint about Thomas Alexis Father because he proclaimed his excellency Biya Bi Mvondo Paul, President of the Republic of Cameroon. I am sure that Thomas Alexis did not choose his father and if he didn’t then your then your article is non sense.

    Anyway, by doing so, you have infringed Thomas Alexis privacy life’s because your content is false and detrimental to his honour in order to hijack the attention of readers from what really happened to him that day.

    So for God sake, it would be appropriate to withdraw this publication because that family has a right of pursuing you and your web site very original:, for defamation

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