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President Xi Jinping of China Meets Paul Biya of Cameroon

China will always be a sincere friend and trustworthy partner with Africa no matter how international relations change or how China develops, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday. Xi Jinping made the remarks while meeting with visiting Cameroon President Paul Biya at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Xi said China and Africa have strengthened friendships and enhanced cooperation in past decades, and the two sides are part of a community of shared future and common interests. Biya is the first foreign head of state to visit China…

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Gay priests killed our Bishop because he opposed homosexuality

Clergy in a Cameroon diocese were publicly accused during a memorial service earlier this month of masterminding the assassination of their bishop.  The current administrator of the diocese said during the homily that the bishop did not commit suicide but was killed because he stood up against homosexuals in the Church and the priesthood. “Shame to all those people in black suits and black spectacles always sitting in the front rows of the Church,” Monsignor Joseph Akonga Essomba said during the August 3 service for deceased Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala…

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South Africa in Recession: The Rand Goes Sliding

Second Recession For South Africa in 8 Years The economy of South Africa is suffering its second recession in eight years as trade shrinks and manufacturing contracts. South Africa’s economy shrank by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2017, figures just released show. This fall follows a 0.3% contraction in the final three months of 2016; two consecutive quarters of contraction mean a recession. Blaming the downturn on a sharp contraction in trade, the country experienced as well a manufacturing output drop, while government and household spending also collapsed. Experts’ Perspectives…

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