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LRC Prevented Me From Telling Commonwealth SG The TRUTH – Mola Njoh Litumbe

Mola Njoh Litumbe, onetime Chair of the Means and Ways Committee of a coalition of movements for the restoration of the Statehood of the Southern Cameroons has stated that the struggle has crossed the Rubicon. The 92-year-old Chartered Accountant, who lived the Plebiscite for the Unification of the Southern Cameroons with La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), in 1961, made the declaration in an interview granted BaretaNews after he was reportedly tricked and prevented from meeting the Commonwealth Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, during her visit to Buea on December…

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SCACUF Is a moving train without brakes; By Chris Bongam

DID YOU KNOW THAT??? SCACUF is a moving train without brakes?. I call on all Sound minded Southern Cameroonians to remain self oriented, proactive and deligent. Support SCACUF’S initiative and AGC + SCYL BLOCK BY BLOCK and NEIGHBORHOOD by NEIGHBORHOOD SELF DEFENSE INITIATIVE. Listen to Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas of the AGC in a short inspirational address to Southern Cameroonians from South Africa. Share as you watch please. Aluta Continua

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Independent Ambazonia: A Sharp Contrast To The South Sudan Scenario.

Freedom for Southern Cameroons is a must: Southern Cameroons: It has been a hammering point by those who preach against the quest for Ambazonia’s statehood, that if we are free from Cameroun today, we shall land ourselves in the situation that the South Sudan nation finds itself today, after gaining independence from Umar El-Bashir’s Sudan in July 2011. Inasmuch as this may be considered a presentation of pessimism and a representation of misfortune tellers, the crisis in South Sudan republic is filled with a litany of lessons to be learned;…

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