Nigerian Authorities: The Ambazonian Leaders Were Arrested Because they use Nigeria as a training Camp for Terrorists

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) explains that the secessionist leaders; Sisiku Ayuk Julius and Co, violated the Nigerian laws by creating training camps in Nigeria without authorization. In an article published by Nigerian Newspaper; The Vanguard, on January 17, 2018, it is revealed that the Newspaper editors approached the Nigerian Police Force (NFP) to better understand the situation of English-speaking separatists arrested in early January 2018 in Nigeria, and this is what they gathered: The Government of Nigeria can not house the secessionists of a neighboring country like Cameroon at…

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ACADEMIC TERRORIST: Mbela Moki Charles Speaks Out

Ekema P. Esunge Duped An Academic Terrorist When everyone thought things were going silent concerning the fraud case of the Mayor of Buea, in the person of Ekema P. Esunge (Academic terrorist) took to the streets of the University of Buea to decry and call for justice. In their attempt to seek a rapid intervention from the powers that be, they demonstrated peacefully with posters that read; “Frauding Certificates is Academic Terrorism” “No To Fake Certificates in UB” “Ekema Don’t Corrupt Our New VC” “Fraud is a Violation of Human Rights”…

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Southern Cameroons’ picture History

The absorbed People; Southern Cameroonians are finally rising and they demand nothing, but the complete restoration of their Country.        

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Tapang Ivo Tanku detailed Accountability and SCACUF Updates

Southern Cameroonians are not stupid people and I take personal, anything done publicly in the name of Southern Cameroons. Lately, I have written more than 3 blog posts aimed at exposing Tapang Ivo for who he truly is. I have received tons and tons of insults, been called all sort of names and to top it, threats which are uncountable. I have nothing personal against Mr. Tapang Ivo, am only against anything done maliciously in the name of Southern Cameroonians. If per say, Tapang Ivo puts up a goodfundme account…

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SCACUF doesn’t just say, they do. Check out SCACUF’S secretariat composition. ●Gender mainstreaming considered, ●Regional balance highly considered. Let US be an exemplary democracy. Those who have been sitting ok n the fence should do the obvious… The train has left the station. The greatest victory we have registered so far in this winning struggle is the uniting that has been founded by SCACUF amongst all the fronts that stand to represent the interest of southern Cameroons home and abroad. Prominent leaders like Justice Ayah Paul Attempted Through the English…

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Block to Block Campaign by Dr. Cho Ayaba

#blockbyblock AGC commander in chief in SA.www.gofundme.com/FundTheResistance Click here to fund the block to block Campaign

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