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Common Law Lawyers are more resolute and are not moved by promises!!

I WON’T GO TO COURT ON TUESDAY 02.05.2017!!! (By ShuSheey Barrister AKUWIYADZE) I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017. Lawyers in West Cameroon have lost income for six months and their families are suffering. Were they sacrificing for the usual promises? No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017. Consortium Leaders are in jail, some on self exile, while their families are suffering in Cameroon. Did they ask for promises? No, Mr. President of Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to…

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The Lagos Resolutions; 50% Victory to Southern Cameroonians

We at Amba Media(AM) congratulates SCACUF for spearheading the uniting initiative and for bringing other key play players in this struggle under one banner. By forging us a unity, a thing most people believed was far-fetched, we at Amba Media can confidently say the War is 50% won.  

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Tapang Ivo Reveals Secrets As He Responds To The Consortium Relieving Him Of his Duties As Interim Leader!

After the video by Tassang Wilfred; programs coordinator of The Consortium declaring that the interim leaders are no longer in charge of The Consortium; Tapang Ivo, posted this message on his Facebook, in response to the decision taken by The Consortium, and the reaction of the public: Tapang Ivo Tanku “The devil divides and not unite. The devil comes from within and not from outside. And after attempting to divide even the heart of what has brought this winning struggle this far, their last move will be to break up…

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Independent Ambazonia: A Sharp Contrast To The South Sudan Scenario.

Freedom for Southern Cameroons is a must: Southern Cameroons: It has been a hammering point by those who preach against the quest for Ambazonia’s statehood, that if we are free from Cameroun today, we shall land ourselves in the situation that the South Sudan nation finds itself today, after gaining independence from Umar El-Bashir’s Sudan in July 2011. Inasmuch as this may be considered a presentation of pessimism and a representation of misfortune tellers, the crisis in South Sudan republic is filled with a litany of lessons to be learned;…

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