Cameroon on brink of collapse – By Emma Emeozor

Fifty six years after British Cameroon and French Cameroon united to become the Republic of Cameroon following a United Nations-sponsored referendum, the marriage seems to be heading for collapse. The English speaking region has repeatedly accused the French speaking Cameroon-dominated government of marginalization and high-handedness in dealing with its people. In late October 2016, Southern Cameroon unions representing lawyers and teachers staged a public protest against the imposition of the French language in courts and educational institutions in the region. The action won popular support and provided ground for the…

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African Sahel Joint Force Gets 50m Euros

EU to give 50m euros to new African fighting force The influx of immigrants from Africa to Europe in recent times coupled with the increasing terrorist attacks has raised concerns. The recent events in the “Dark Continent” which has forced families across the desert and ocean called for attention both home and abroad. Many lives have been lost both from the African and European perspectives. The European Union has agreed to give more than 50m euros to fund a new African joint military force in the Sahel region. Sahel G-5 The…

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DEMOCRACY: FOREFRONT OF AFRICA’S PREDICAMENTS IT’S TIME FOR AFRICANS TO REVISIT THE ANCESTRAL SCROLLS! Democracy, the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A catchy phrase it is, don’t you agree? Well at the moment, it is the same unmasked demon putting Africa and Africans at the table’s edge and ready to let go. While many would see democracy as the gateway to capping corruption, handing off most desired freedom to the people, putting various spiced dishes on the table and asking your children to make…

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UNITED NATIONS RESOLUTION 1608(XV), 21 APRIL 1961 united nations resolution:- Southern Cameroonians have been struggling now for more 6 months for something which happen to be their inalienable rights as a dependent people. The United Nations Resolution 1608(xv), 21 April 1961, by the vote of the majority of the member states present, granted the independence of Southern Cameroons. What Southern Cameroonians are fighting for is the restoration of their independence that was hijacked by the Republic of Cameroon with the help of France. The Republic of Cameroon and France are…

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