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Tapang Ivo on It again; How confused can he be?

We stumbled upon this post on Tapang Ivo’s Facebook Wall, Read and digest it then drop your comments. I think he is really confused and minimizing the efforts of Southern Cameroonians back at home even those who selflessly send hundreds of sms and do unseen ground works. Not everybody will be arrested! He can not use “arrest” as a yard stick to measure the sacrifices of selfless and Brave Southern Cameroonians.

Mr. Ivo, must I remind you of the popular proverb by Chinua Achebe?

“Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching”

Most of Southern Cameroonians who fall in the categories described by Tapang Ivo have learned to fly without perching, and those who do not perch, will not be arrested!

The great Ayah Paul Albine you hypocritically praise today was the same man you called a failed politician, are you not tired of misleading your sheepish Followers Mr. Ivo?

Read what he posted below and drop your comments:


If you are an Anglophone Cameroonian and you are have not been arrested in Cameroun, you fall in either of the following categories:

1. You are not speaking out against the gangster regime in the rogue state.

2. You are with them and you speak their “language.”

3. You speak out against the gangster regime in the rogue state BUT you are protected by immunities and privileges as a current MP or foreign diplomat.

4. You pretend to be sympathetic with West / Southern Cameroonians, but you are passive and only say and do things that do not hurt the gangster regime.

5. You are active but the gangster regime is not feeling your heat enough.

From fearless Justice Ayah Paul Abine to the common 17-year-old student languishing in jail, they all possess rare qualities that do not feature in any of the above categories.

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