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Tapang Ivo Tanku detailed Accountability and SCACUF Updates

Southern Cameroonians are not stupid people and I take personal, anything done publicly in the name of Southern Cameroons. Lately, I have written more than 3 blog posts aimed at exposing Tapang Ivo for who he truly is. I have received tons and tons of insults, been called all sort of names and to top it, threats which are uncountable.

I have nothing personal against Mr. Tapang Ivo, am only against anything done maliciously in the name of Southern Cameroonians. If per say, Tapang Ivo puts up a goodfundme account in the name of his “Facebook Followers”, or does anything in the name of his followers, I wouldn’t be concerned about it, not a bit of it will move me. It automatically becomes my business, when it’s done in the name of Southern Cameroons.

With all that said, let me go straight to the business of the day, we at Amba media have as prime objective to understand it better and make it crystal clear for those who can’t decipher.

On the 13th Of April 2017, a brand new funding campaign was launched by Mr. Tapang Ivo. This was received by the general public with lots of criticism, people had diverse opinions about the campaign, judging from the overall reactions, the campaign is far from being welcomed by the general public.

Go Fund Me:

Pay Pal: not open for public accountability???

Bank deposit:
Account Number: 325023324244
Routing numbers: 122000661/121000358 (paper & electronic) or 026009593 (wires)
Account name: Tapang Ivo Tanku: personal account a no no to many people.
Bank: Bank of America

Tapang Ivo campaign
A Typical Tapang Ivo’s and Mark’s Campaign gets more than 10K within hours. Why is this one still at $1435? Guess scales are falling off the eyes of many people who followed blindly!

Several hours later, in response to  the negative reactions on Facebook, Wechat groups, and Whatsapp groups, Mr. Tapang Ivo posted on his Facebook Wall, what I don’t if am committing a crime to call an, “Account Statement”, but to make this write up simple, let’s term it, ” Statement of Account”.

Tapang Ivo campaignCross examine the above statement of account document below, it’s Mr. Tapang Ivo, “lol” Statement of Account with no bias, favor and hatred; just a clear mind as a sound minded Southern Cameroonian.

“Public Accountability is never void of Public scrutiny”

You have done your cross examination, what’s your take? Is the Statement of Account actually accountable enough?

Here’s Amba Media’s Scrutiny:

A total of $15,072 was raised,
10/100 X $15,072 = $1507.2

$800 left in the account!

Balance: $15,072 – $1507.2 – $800 = $12764.8

Account shut down and donations closed! Closing Date of the account was not specified!

How was $12764.8 spent?

From Tapang’s Accountability Statement:

4 high speed printers and Photocopiers were purchased, Assisted our brothers in Kondengui, Assisted exiled Leaders in Nigeria, printed Flyers from the purchased printers and photocopiers and sent bulk messages:
Amba Media’s Keen Observations:

  1. Prices of each of the purchased items were not stated!
  2. Amount spent on our brothers in Prison was also Missing
  3. The name of the exiled leaders in Nigeria that was helped financially didn’t feature
  4. The amount each of the exiled leaders received was not made mentioned
  5. The cost of bulk messaging was also left out
  6. As for flyers, the were printed out and photocopied by the machines purchased!
  7. No invoices showing details of transactions
  8. No picture of the items before and after they were purchased to support the statement.


A total of $6000 was raised including about $2000 USD as pledges, about $2000 as cash and about $1400 as checks. 500 T-shirts were printed for about $2500
150 t-shirts were sold, 350 t-shirts left.
$2200 USD left in the account.

Chia Mr. Ivo, time for contribute, no about no be de de, now to render account you don go carry about, about and about bring invite!

Cost of production per T-shirt = $2500/500 t-shirts = $5 per t-shirt
The question is, what’s the selling price per t-shirt? If market slow for Etats, the remaining 350 t-shirts can be sold in other countries!

My Country people, if you get anything for add, add and make we join ask Mr. Tapang Ivo real Account Statements, because that thing wer the boy hurriedly makam, hmmm, I laughed!

If however you are convinced deep in you that Mr. Tapang Ivo is doing the right thing; click on the link above to fund his campaign, but make sure to ask for invoices, remittances, western union receipts and real proof of the 500 community mobilizers. If you fail to ask such real proofs, don’t fail to remember that you are yet to make a contribution to the struggle. If Ivo can’t present a real Statement of Account, then all along you’ve been contributing to Mr. Ivo and not the struggle.

SCACUF Updates: 

For those who know what is right and prefer to follow the struggle than individuals, SCACUF our united front just took their first and very essential step to  public accountability by keeping the good people of Southern Cameroons posted the very moment the milestone target of $35,000 was achieved. See details below Tapang Ivo campaign fraud

SCACUF the leading body to follow
SCACUF leading by example, proven to be accountable enough by keeping the public in the loop even at this very early, but essential stage of their campaign.

SCACUF, we pray you continue in this light till our people are finally liberated!

The Struggle Continues

“Amba Media, The Whistle Blowers of the struggle”





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  1. southerner

    Thanks for the insights. Really wonder what these thieves take us for. God will judge them

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