TIGERS’ ALERT IN EKOK :Developing Story!!!

New Year Day 2018 ended up in Ekok with The Untimely and Hasty Arrival of Some people into Hell without a Court sitting Due to the fact that they were Harassing our Ambazonian ladies, Destruction of Properties, Disturbance of Public Peace and Order and the forceful Displacement of the Ambazonian Population into Neighboring Countries on exile.

People that fall in the category of the aforementioned Points are considered Terrorists in Our Land and are Punishable by Death.

The Tigers of Ambazonia who happened to be in The Area on Their Usual Patrol wasted No Time in Taking Matters into their Hands to Restore Tranquillity in That Town.

While waiting for the Actual Number of those sentenced by the Law of The Land , keep your fingers crossed for More Updates.

Ambazonia Must be Liberated.

Nchia Martin Achuo

Menchum County

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